League of Legends: Wild Rift Akshan Guide Season 3 

League of Legends: Wild Rift Akshan Guide Season 3 
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With Akshan, Wild Rift's newest champion, now live on the servers, Summoner's Rift players may finally swing about with the "charming marksman."

"The Rogue Sentinel" is the third season of Wild Rift's first champion. Riot Games teased Akshan's first glimpse with an exclusive Treasure Hunt puzzle on their League of Legends website a month ago. During the same event, he also became the first champion to make his debut in four Riot games set in the Runeterra universe.

A few days before the publication of patch notes 2.4, Akshan's Wild Rift ability kit was officially introduced. Using his diverse skills and incredible mobility, Akshan swung in to defend Runeterra against the threats of Viego's ruination, armed with Shadya's holy relic sword.

Rogue Sentinel, a powerful mid-lane marksman in Wild Rift, would, according to the devs, fulfill both the goals of adding a distinctive champion to the roster and giving an enticing choice to mid-lane skirmishers.

Given Akshan's abilities kit, fans are confident in his dominating personality. The following is a detailed tutorial for Akshan in Wild Rift, including his optimal build and some advice on how to make the most of him.

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Akshan’s Abilities


With his Dirty Fighting passive, Akshan deals additional damage and earns a shield for every three hits from his attacks and abilities against champions. When Akshan attacks, he will launch a second assault that will do less damage. Instead of gaining movement speed, he gains it if you cancel his bonus attack.

Q, W, E, R

Avengerang: Akshan throws a boomerang that deals damage both out and back. Additionally, with each opponent hit, its range expands.

Going Rogue: When enemy champions kill his teammates, Akshan labels them as scoundrels. If you kill a scoundrel, Akshan will resurrect any allies it has slain, give you additional money, and remove all marks from your character. As he approaches towards the scoundrels, Akshan enters camouflage and receives movement speed and mana regen. When Akshan isn't in a thicket or near a topographical obstacle, he swiftly loses his concealment.

Heroic Swing: As he swings, Akshan throws a hook through a ground obstruction and attacks the nearest enemy multiple times. When clashing with champions or terrain barriers, you can let go of his rope whenever you wish.

Comeuppance: Akshan focuses on an opposing champion and begins amassing bullets. When you recast his ability, he shoots all stored bullets at the first champion, minion, or structure struck, delivering damage based on missing health.

Akshan’s Build Guide Recommendations

Because of his incredibly diverse ability set, Akshan can be adorned with a wide range of rune options. While he pushes the mid lane, Conqueror is the ideal keystone for him. It activates successful skill combos and trades, enhancing his burst damage and dealing additional damage to affected enemies.

Vampirism, Adaptive Carapase, and Hunt runes are also useful because they provide Akshan extra quickness, HP, and damage. While Akshan's skills and qualities primarily distinguish him as a marksman champion, his primary role is that of an assassin in the mid lane rather than the bot lane, as both of his summoner spells allow him to roam around, rotate, and destroy enemy champions. It’s best to carry a standard combination of Flash and Ignite on Akshan.

Figuring out the best Akshan build is usually a bit of a chore. Therefore, you can employ the use of Wild Rift boosting services from Eldorado.gg to see how the best players build the champion on your skill level. This customized build style will be much more informative than YouTube guides.

Best Akshan Runes

  • Hunter – Genius

  • Hunter – Vampirism

  • Adaptive Carapace

  • Conqueror

Best Items for Akshan

  • Guardian Angel

  • Gluttonous Greaves

  • Infinity Edge

  • Bloodthirster

  • Blade of the Ruined King

Tips for Akshan on the Rift

To fully maximize Akshan's potential, a Wild Rift player must pay close attention to every every detail around the champion. Waves of minions and groups of opponent champions in skirmishes can be leveraged as benefits in Akshan's gameplay when employing Avengerang.

Going Rogue, his passive ability, is one of the most important tools in the game, allowing the Rogue Sentinel to rescue and heal his comrades. As a result, it must be used in a strategic and conditional manner. Heroic Swing, Akshan's third and most divisive ability, allows a player to reach any enemy champion within a believable range, even if they are beyond of Akshan's visual range. It also enables him to escape any potentially harmful circumstance.

Heroic Swing is a situational ability that demands a lot of practice and competence. Because Akshan's escape window may be short, any unnecessary melee duels should be avoided. As a versatile champion, Akshan can appear out of nowhere in teamfights, surprising his Wild Rift opponents and forcing them to react quickly.

As a result, the Rogue Sentinel, Akshan, is the best option for those searching for an assassin with fighting, utility, and survival abilities.

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