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    Do you know that the higher you build a building, puts you at risk of suffering a power surge in rainy weather? Many homes and commercial buildings are met with power surges every month, due to the atmospheric weather conditions in the area in which they are located. Sometimes, these surges lead to the shorting out of the power supply, the destruction of some of the electrical appliances that were connected to the power lines, and even leading the occupants in the building to suffer from shocks in severe cases. However, there has been a variety of development in the field of electrical technology, some of which are known as the lightning arrestor, and the surge protector. These equipment are useful in either diverting the flow of harmful overvoltage from the building entirely or even protecting the various delicate electronic appliances from the effects of this power surge. Nevertheless, when it comes down to it, the most important thing for any landlord or homeowner is to find an electrical company that makes high-quality surge protectors; as this would increase their chances of protecting the equipment that they have in the building. If you are also searching for a suitable electrical company to patronize, then EMP Shield might be able to serve in this case.

    About EMP Shield

    Founded by Tim Carty, EMP Shield is a company that manufactures and supplies EMP protection for homeowners, vehicles, and even the military. EMP Shield came to be a side product of Tim’s experiment to capture atmospheric solar electrostatic waves as an alternate source of energy. And for this experiment, a surge protector was needed, just in case of lightning decides to strike close to the system’s antenna. Tim had already discovered that the normal lightning protectors that are available in the civilian market, and those in the service of the military wouldn’t be suitable for his purposes, thus, he decided to make his own; one that was capable of withstanding multiple High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulses (HEMP).

    Products, and Services of EMP Shield

    The surge protector sold by EMP Shield is a reusable one and is affirmed by EMP Shield to be capable of protecting a home that is less than 10,000 square feet. EMP Shield declares that their product is capable of defending our homes, our vehicles, our radio devices, planes, boats, and even our generators from a HEMP. Offered along with a guarantee of being able to withstand the might of over 40 EMP strikes with no degradation, and a 10-year warranty; EMP Shield assures their customers that their EMP shield takes action in one billionth of a second. Tested at Intertek, and acclaimed to have reached the UL 1449 standard; EMP Shield assures their customers that their product can be installed in just 10 minutes, and is capable of operating in either hot or cold weather. EMP Shield offers free shipping for all their products to all addresses in the USA.

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