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    Clothing used to be an important product for covering nakedness and protecting humans from the elements of weather, until humans evolved to produce different machinery and equipment that enables large scale production of any product, including safety products and apparels. In the cold region, in particular, different types of hats and head-warmers are used to prevent the loss of heat through the head, but it became a fashion trend that has stuck around, evolving with time over the centuries. We cannot deny that head warmers and beanies, when worn right, can be used as a fashion statement. It is one of the products that straddle fashion and style, and if you have to be in a windy environment, you might find that the hats and beanies help you hold your hair in place, rather than its flaying around your face to create a distraction or a nuisance. There are several trendy ways to wear a beanie, like not rolling down the edges to create an ‘edgy’ look. Just ensure that you do not leave your ear uncovered, as that might result in a pixie look that defeats the fashion statement you are trying to create. Beanies are the ultimate male accessory, although women can also wear them. A note of caution, though – wearing them in summer will not only be an uncomfortable sight for those looking at you, it might also make your head feel like its cooking slowly. In other words, avoid wearing them in summer! There is also the unscientific myth that wearing beanies will make your hair fallout. If you have hair problems, its probably your hygiene that is causing infections, rather than the beanie itself. Discrete Clothing is a company that claims to produce different types of clothing and accessories for the modern man.

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    Discrete Clothing is a company that was established by a computer science graduate, Julian Carr in 2003, who applied mathematical principles to the design of headwear and clothing. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, Discrete Clothing claims that its products are made from lightweight and durable cotton that enhances the comfort of the wearer, and is designed to stand the test of time and several re-uses.

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    The products offered by Discrete Clothing include Beanies, Neckgaiters, Hats, and Apparel for Men and Women. The company also offers custom design services to the public and honours the returns of products made within 30 days of purchase.

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