Writing is the process of expressing a language with letters or symbols. Right from kindergarten, we were taught how to write from alphabets, numbers, sentences, letters to books. To write we need aids like papers, pen, pencils, books, inks which are very necessary as we cannot do without them while writing. It is very important to note that the society of today puts in a lot of efforts in picking these materials, so most stationery companies have stepped up their games to remain favourable to the market. BOOKBINDERS DESIGN is one of those companies that has grafted the interest of people's choice of writing aids, hence the production of book covers, binders, notebooks.

    Established in 1927 but owned by Johan Frestadius, Johan Kleberg and Ebba Kleberg Von Sydow since 2019. The company's head office and showroom are located at Karlavagen, Stockholm. BOOKBINDERS DESIGN is a privately owned profit-making company that produces and retails book covers, binders, notebooks, photo albums and many others. They claim to be representing a proud craft tradition, with its origin in bookbinding art and a love for writing. BOOKBINDERS DESIGN asserts to combine meticulous thought out functions, Solid craftsmanship, Swedish design and unique colours to make homes, schools, offices, banks and our everyday life simple and well organized. But how true are these claims? Do they really have a good track record? Are their services reasonably priced? Are their designs boundless? We suggest you read an unsolicited customer review of BOOKBINDERS DESIGN here to get suggestive answers to your questions.

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    At BOOKBINDERS DESIGN, writing aids, as well as stationery, are manufactured and retailed. They claim to produce embossed products made from quality materials that are environmentally friendly with a design language. BOOKBINDERS DESIGN claim paper production chlorine-free pulp, wood-free, naturally glued, acid-free, age-resistant and recyclable also their sewn notebooks, photo papers, carton, cloth and leather. Their notebook category contains leather cover, notebook, pads & refill, embossed notebooks, planners & to do and calendars. The company's home decor category includes boxes, wardrobe, desk, mirror and frames. They also manufacture and retail binders, folders, photo albums, cards & envelopes, pens, photo binders, tools & clips, stamps and ink pads. They claim to help clients arrange writing and stationery gift sets. They have stores located in quite some countries including Sweden, France, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, Chile and South Korea. BOOKBINDERS DESIGN offer a product shipping service with an average of 1-4 business days but the shipping time depends on the location of the customer. They also offer a 30-day return policy after the date of purchase and goods must be in the same condition as received with proof of payment. BOOKBINDERS DESIGN payment option is the Klarna checkout that makes it easy and safe for customers to make purchases.

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