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    It is a fallacy to think taking care of one's skin should be restricted to models, beauty queens, actors, actresses and the likes. In fact, healthy-looking skin could be an indication that an individual is living a healthy and disease-free lifestyle. There are many reasons why everyone should take care of the skin as a priority, however, realising that the skin serves as a barrier should be more than enough reason for anyone. Taking care of the skin should involve being cautious of the kind of substances we allow on our skin, as it serves as a passageway to the body style. Some people have made it a habit to introduce harmful chemicals into their skin in the name of using skincare products, this exposing their body to a lot of allergic reactions. A good skincare product should revitalize, exfoliate, dehydrate and provide nutrients to the skin, thus giving it a soft feel and glowing look. aiona is an online store for varieties of natural skincare.

    About aiona
    aiona is a beauty and skincare brand established by Lisa Strong with its head office based in Vancouver. The founder, Lisa Strong, claim to be passionate about producing one of the purest skincare products in the market. Lisa Strong, who is a professional makeup artist, assert to have seen the first-hand experience of the negative effect of toxic chemicals seen in most makeup and skincare products. In her quest to find cleaner cosmetic options with no petrochemicals or harmful irritants, she happened to come across silver carp collagen. This led to the birth of her skincare brand, aiona. However, for a better understanding of their products and services, we advise you read honest customer reviews of aiona here before engaging their products. This will help you make a well-informed decision.

    Products and Services of aiona
    aiona offers customers a wide range of natural skincare products, including, exfoliating cleansers, serum, moisturizer, maskne skin set, anti-ageing cream and more. The main ingredient of their skincare product is silver carp collagen, sourced exclusively in Europe, and with an alleged potential to increase skin strength, boost hydration, reduce wrinkles appearance and more. Other ingredients found in skincare products include Usnea Barbara, Bladderwrack, and Bearberry. aiona allege to have all of the ingredients in their beauty products rated 3 or under by Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Database, in terms of the potential toxicity of their ingredient. They claim to offer free shipping on all their products to Canada and the United States, as well as a 2-weeks refund policy.

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