Top 10 Things Canadians Love Doing During Their Free Time

Top 10 Things Canadians Love Doing During Their Free Time

In the vast expanse of Canada, where diverse cultures intertwine, and natural wonders stretch as far as the eye can see, Canadians embrace their free time with a lot of fervor and enthusiasm. From the serene shores of the Atlantic to the majestic Rocky Mountains and bustling urban centers, Canadians have endless opportunities to unwind and relax. Whether it is relishing moments of peace amid the splendor of nature or indulging in outdoor adventures, Canadians embody the spirit of leisure and exploration like no other.

But what do Canadians exactly do when they clock out and it is time to relax? Here are some of the popular things Canadians do during their free time.

Exploring the Outdoors

There's an abundance of nature in Canada, and hence, spending time outdoors is one of the top pastimes of Canadians. Whether it is skiing down snow-capped mountains, conquering rugged landscapes in off-road electric scooters, kayaking across crystal-clear lakes, or hiking through lush forests, Canadians love connecting with nature. Jasper, Kootenay, and Banff are popular national parks that nature enthusiasts haunt during the weekends or whenever they are free.

Hockey Night

Hockey is a cultural phenomenon, and Canadians love lacing up their skates for local pond hockey and cheering for their NHL team. Irrespective of their ages, everyone shares a strong passion for hockey. Hence, they either get together with loved ones to host a night of hockey games or watch their favorite team on their TVs.

Online Gaming

Online gaming is the most-loved pastime in Canada. Canadians of all ages have a penchant for playing games. Since games are easily accessible on smartphones, there's no special time that needs to be kept aside to quickly play a match. Some of the popular online games are Rocket League, Minecraft, NHL 23, Valorant, and PUBG: Battlegrounds.

Besides these entertaining and action-filled games, Canadians above the age of eighteen indulge in live casino games and buy the lottery. There are several online websites catering to the needs of gaming enthusiasts, and some of them are government-backed, like Play Alberta, where there are endless online games for Canadians.

Exploring Wildlife

The vast nature of Canada is home to diverse wildlife species and allows Canadians endless opportunities to witness the wild animals in their glory. During their free time, they enjoy spotting grizzly bears in Banff National Park or watching a grazing herd of wapiti in the summer.

There's also an abundance of whales, dolphins, and orcas that can be spotted on the coast of Vancouver. These majestic aquatic animals can be seen from the beach itself while getting their tan or taking a stroll. Canadians also enjoy taking wildlife cruises.

Exploring the Different Cities

The vibrant cities in Canada exude distinct personalities. Canadians use their free time to explore various cities. For instance, Toronto is known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, and a weekend here means exploring theaters and world-class monuments. On the other hand, Vancouver offers stunning views of nature with an urban landscape, and Calgary has a rodeo spirit that offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Nightlife enthusiasts love the European charm of Montreal.

Embarking on a Gastronomical Adventure

The culinary scene in Canada has evolved by leaps and bounds. It has come a long way from poutine and maple syrup. Fresh produce is available in the local farmer's markets, and chefs are showing off their innovative dishes that reflect the multicultural heritage of the country.

Foodies enjoy going on gastronomic adventures during their free time. They chow down on seafood chowder in the Maritimes, smoked meat sandwiches in Montreal, and Saskatoon berry pie in Saskatoon.

Besides enjoying national culinary delights, Canadians love diversifying their palette by trying new cuisines, such as Korean and Japanese delicacies.

Curling Up In A Corner With A Good Book

Not all of Canada is filled with nature enthusiasts and adventurers; there are also Canadians seeking tranquility and solitude. They like to find a good spot and curl up with a good book.

In Canada, there are several libraries where people can go, select a book, and enjoy their love of reading. They also like hosting book clubs to share their love of reading.

Watching A Live Performance

Canadians appreciate the arts and love supporting them. Whether it is ballet companies and world-renowned orchestras or local theater productions and music events, Canadians make it a point to attend these live performances whenever they are free. Attending stand-up comedy shows is also a favorite pastime of Canadians.

Spending Time With Loved Ones

Friends and family play a central role in the lives of Canadians. They love spending quality time with their loved ones whenever they find time. They love organizing potluck dinners, backyard barbecues, and movie nights at home.

Connections with loved ones are a top priority, and Canadians know how to cherish their connections. They are always trying to find ways to strengthen their bonds and do things together so the community becomes stronger and long-lasting memories are made.

Joining Classes To Enhance Or Learn A New Skill

Canadians have a lifelong learning spirit, and this is why most of them embrace their leisure time as an opportunity to sharpen their skills or learn new skills. From learning a new language to taking a cooking class or learning a musical instrument, Canadians are constantly trying to add more feathers to their hats. They are genuinely interested in investing in their personal growth during their free time.

The Bottom Line

These are a few of the things that Canadians love to do during their free time. However, this list merely scratches the surface. There are several other things that they indulge in during their leisure time, such as attending sporting events, relaxing in their backyards, or exploring historical sites. Ultimately, the one thing that Canadians share is the urge to make the most of their free time in any way possible and make memories that last a lifetime.

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