What are Ontario's Best Online Games in 2023?

What are Ontario's Best Online Games in 2023?

Gaming is arguably THE most popular form of entertainment around the world and is certainly a much-loved pastime in Canada. Although people from all provinces within the country have a penchant for playing games, Ontario is one that really stands out in this regard.

While traditional video or casino gaming might have led the way previously, online gaming has really taken off in recent years. This now sees lots of people in Ontario using their smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs to play games via the internet.

To get the most from this activity in 2023, though, people in the province need a reliable way to find the best online titles to test. Getting accurate and informative tips on which online games to look out for is one way to go about this – but which should you be checking out first?

Rocket League

Just as getting online shopping recommendations is important for people around Ontario when looking to buy goods digitally, getting the lowdown on top titles to enjoy is crucial for iGamers in the province.

Online video games are something to think about. The huge range of choice in this niche means you will have no trouble finding lots of exciting titles to spend time with.

One of the best currently, which has an army of loyal fans, is Rocket League. This unique blend of racing and soccer not only delivers plenty of thrills but is also a great game to enjoy with friends. Matches can have up to eight players, while four players can share a split-screen at the same time. The easy-to-pick-up controls make it even more fun to try, while the cool, in-game physics make it endlessly entertaining.

Rocket League also comes with several different game modes to keep the action fresh, and gives players a chance to create their own team. Available online via PC, Xbox, PlayStation and mobile devices, this is definitely one for gamers in Ontario to seek out.

Live casino games

As shown at gambleontario.ca, the newly regulated iGaming sector in Ontario has plenty of awesome sites to game at. This makes online casino games in general a great choice in 2023 for their fun feel and the range of titles to try out.

Some of the most popular casino games in Ontario are games like: Thunderstruck II, Gonzo’s Quest and Immortal Romance are all worth diving into, it is live casino games that offer the most immersive experience. By combining gaming online with human dealers in a real-life setting, you can get that authentic casino atmosphere wherever you are.

There are lots of live games based on classics like roulette and blackjack to try at most of Ontario’s iGaming sites. Fun to play and easy to learn, they are easily one of the top types of online game to check out in 2023.


Mojang’s open-world romp might not be anything new these days but it remains one of the most popular games around Ontario to try online in 2023. Although you might hear it mostly mentioned for PC, this classic sandbox title is also available to play online via Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

But what makes it such a popular title for gamers in the province? Much of this comes down to the sheer fun it delivers and the interesting terrains there are to explore. Battling mobs is also something that provides plenty of thrills, as does unleashing your imagination to build anything you can dream of.

As with a lot of the best online games, Minecraft can be enjoyed with friends. Once you log on, you can invite them to your world or join theirs before you get busy. When you also throw in potions to create, fish to catch and the general spirit of adventure this game has, it is easy to see why so many people love it.

NHL 23

There is no doubt that hockey is a national obsession in Canada and checking the latest hockey news is something that people in Ontario have a real passion for. This makes NHL 23 one of the best online games to try out right now. Although it is not a pure online title per se, this hockey-based video game from EA Sports does include some excellent online game modes.

Although only available on Xbox and PlayStation, the popularity of these consoles means it is pretty accessible for most in the province. The really neat thing about online play in NHL 23 is the number of options players have.

There is, for example, the World of Chel mode (which enables you to collect rewards online as you play) and Online Versus, which sees you taking on another human opponent online. This amount of choice means online play in NHL 23 never gets boring. The hard-hitting gameplay is also a major draw, as are the intuitive controls and authentic teams and players.

PUBG: Battlegrounds

Battle royale titles continue to be massive online in 2023 and something people in Ontario love to get involved with. Although there are a few games we could mention here, PUBG: Battlegrounds stands out the most.

Anyone who has tried this raucous offering before knows just how awesome it is. 100 players are parachuted onto an abandoned island to begin with, and have one goal – to be the last person standing. This not only involves finding weapons to fight other players with but also picking up supplies and discovering vehicles.

The graphics in PUBG: Battlegrounds are top-notch and the overall feel is very entertaining. Players also love the strategic element this game involves and how many ways you can go about surviving. Whether you play via Steam on PC, your mobile device or via the latest consoles online, there is no doubt how much fun this game delivers.


First launched in summer 2020, Valorant has built up a huge following in the last few years. This means it is an online game that is not only popular in Ontario but also around the world. It is a first-person shooter that sees two teams of five players taking each other on. This naturally adds a lot of excitement to the gameplay and makes it a fun title to spend time with. If you have ever tried other online first-person shooters like CS:GO or Rainbow Six Siege, you will know what to expect.

Valorant catches the eye, though, for its superb graphics, sharp sound FX and smooth gameplay. The unique roster agents you can play as also help give it a unique feel. Each agent has their own weaknesses and strengths, which you have to factor in when choosing them. Some, for example, are better at defending your base while others are better at attacking the enemy. A major title in esports, this online stunner is also a top game to try for players in Ontario.

Top online games in Ontario to try in 2023

As the above shows, online gamers in Ontario are spoilt for choice in 2023! There really are some awesome titles to think about trying out and some exciting games to spend time with. Any of those we have looked at here provide an ideal way to kill time when free.

Once you have finished with them, even a brief look at other online titles to try out will throw up plenty to consider. With iGaming in all its forms being so well-loved around this part of Canada, finding the best titles to play makes sense.

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