Essential Software and Apps Every Gamer Needs for Their PC

Essential Software and Apps Every Gamer Needs for Their PC

With the soaring popularity of video games these days, more and more people are playing on their PCs. What this means, of course, is that they need the appropriate software to have a great experience. If you’re a gamer but otherwise not big into the software world, you might need some tips on what the best programs are.

Let’s look at some of the best ways to make your gaming experience as rich as possible with the best programs out in 2023. Whether you’re looking for a twitch streamer, all-new games, or simply a better optimization tool, there are plenty of goodies out there this year.

Online stores

The most obvious place to start building your gaming palace is finding the right online store. Online stores for video games are considered an essential go-to source for all things gaming-related. There’s no need to waste a lot of time poking around on the usual Play Store when you can have everything you need – all your gaming accessories, etc. – together in one place. The best ones are virtual remakes of traditional video game stores.

The most popular store these days is Steam. Steam includes a huge library of top-listed games, free apps, etc., and it also allows for usage in big-picture mode if you’d rather sit back and stream off your TV. In addition, Steam offers such features as remote play and remote download, so you can download as soon as you find a new game and have it waiting for you when you get to your PC.

Other popular online stores include Humble Bundle. Humble Bundle includes its original games, so if you’re looking for unique games you haven’t tried before, you should check it out. The software also offers special deals on game package purchasing and offers a gaming subscription service so that you can play for specified amounts of time.

And of course, there is Xbox, which is a well-known store for Microsoft users. Among other features, XBox has a chat function that allows users to chat while playing (both audio and text). It also has a DVR function so that you can record games or parts of games.

Screen recording

One thing you should look into is getting a screen recorder. The best free screen recorders for PC are essential for serious gamers because you want to be able to capture those awesome moments in your game and use them as bragging material.

Among the picks for screen recorders is ShadowPlay. ShadowPlay was created by Nvidia for streaming and capturing game videos. It includes such features as instant play and recording and viewing on a full desktop screen. It also allows for unlimited recording time.

Other screen recorders that get high marks among users include OBS Studio. OBS Studio has several attractive features, including live streaming. It is more geared towards advanced users, though, as it is more complicated than Movavi.

Active Presenter is known for its diversity of use. It can be used on different platforms in different formats, including MP4 and WebM. It allows for such things as the importing of PowerPoint presentations into videos. If you are giving gaming tutorials, you might check Active Presenter out.

Gaming VPN

Another thing serious gamers should get is a gaming VPN. Gamers value their privacy, of course, so you should check out VPNs so that your gaming sessions can be secure and private. Among the options, Express VPN gets top marks for its security and reliability. It will give you three free months, after which you can subscribe either monthly or at a reduced-monthly fee for an annual subscription.

LogMein Hamachi also scores high among users. It is free and easy to use and also has a reputation for security. Other options that make the ranks include Nord VPN, which offers a 30-day trial, and Surfshark, which is not free but available for just over $2 a month.

Game optimizers

If you’re playing many games, it would be worth your while to look into game optimizers. Game optimizers are useful in keeping your system clean, clearing out RAM, and keeping your background processes running smoothly. They help to determine which tasks should be put to sleep while you’re playing to maximize your performance.

Among the current options available, Bit Game Booster comes out on top of the ranks for its thoroughness, ease of use, and automatic updates. It is proficient at determining which programs might be negatively impacting your performance and helping to manage these programs.

Wise Game Booster is another program that gets high points among Windows users. It allows you to turn off unnecessary programs easily and all at one time. Wise Game Booster has a “game mode” that you can put your computer in so that you can focus on the task at hand.

Also near the top of the list is WTFast. This program allows for customized gaming, and it includes an analytics function so that you can fully understand which mechanisms are affecting your PC and in what way.

Chat apps

Chat apps are another essential tool for gamers. Of course, you want to be able to communicate with your fellow players as that is half the fun of the game. If you and your competitors are in remote locations, a chat app will allow you to communicate seamlessly throughout any game.

At the top of the list of chat apps is Discord, a free app that allows for both text and voice chatting. With it, any PC gamer can create a server and invite as many other players as he wants to participate.

Mumble is also popular among users. Despite its questionable-sounding name, Mumble is an effective-encrypted program that allows players to chat with complete privacy. Mumble also offers “positional sound” to give participants an added sense of being in the game.

Another favorite is called Element. The element allows for video conferencing in addition to voice and text. It is also free.

Start Checking Out Online Stores Today

While thinking about how to upgrade your gaming PC, start poking around to see what’s new in the gaming world. No matter what your needs are, you should be able to find a wide variety of options to suit all your gaming preferences.