"Dating with style", "Singles with class" and "Serious online dating" - that is what today's successful dating sites promise. Many users hope to find a partnership here. More and more people are trying their social luck through online dating sites. Is finding love in the online world possible? Or is it still the old-school method club or pub? Where is the best place to meet someone? Since the internet went viral, many companies took advantage of it and starting online dating sites. The worldwide web offers lots of possibilities to meet people and date online. Dating sites tempt singles to register, pay and find the love of their life. But how trustworthy are dating companies? What kind of service will they provide you? Dating online is not a strange thing, it became even a new normal. Everyone needs love. Are you single? Do you need someone to cuddle with? Are you also looking for the love of your life? Lots of people on dating sites have done the same before you. But which agency is the best? Do they really do what they promise? What are the fees and their success stories? Read all reviews, experiences and opinions here.


Read the reviews on our website and choose wisely. Our overview guarantees unbiased opinions based on customer experience. All the data are purely based on real experience and feedback of the people who used those services. No matter if you live in Toronto, Vancouver, or Ottawa on our page you will find reviews from all over Canada to help you find the best dating site. Reviews, opinions, experiences, or complaints are written by customers who were dating online before you and give honest advice. Feel free to share your own experience if you’ve also tried it. Let people know by giving your unbiased opinion!

Online dating allows you to meet so many more people than you can in real life. You'll see or discover people on the sites or apps that maybe live in your area but you have never crossed paths with by chance. You can expand your search radius to meet people in those areas where you spend most of your time. So what type of categories do we have on our website? We can divide them in different categories.

Dating sites for singles
Dating sites for singles are still the most visited ones. These websites focus on single men or women who are looking for a partner. The benefit is that you won’t come across people who are married or in another and of relationship.

Niche dating
Each person has different requirements, desires, needs and values when it comes to choosing an ideal partner. In order to satisfy those needs, there are many dating sites with specific niche dating, that have been developed. To get a better view of what kind of Canada dating sites can be found, we have some described in our categories.

Dating sites for specific target groups
There are also dating sites that are a bit more selective when it comes to admitting new singles. You have to meet the requirements to create an account for dating sites like this. What are sites for specific target groups? Websites for senior dating, dating websites for singles 50+ or dating sites for highly educated people.

Dating sites for adults
Sometimes marriage can become a rut or a couple can not satisfy their needs within the married life anymore. Therefore, dating sites for adultery have been developed. If you belong to this category, you can look for a website, subscribe to a site, make an account and meet new people.

Dating apps
Most of the dating online sites have also developed dating apps. These apps enable you to date anytime, anywhere and anyplace you want.

Benefits that online dating sites can provide

  • There is no need to go out to meet someone. You simply need to log onto a website and you can date from anywhere you want. You can get answers in the privacy of your own home.
  • It is quick and it saves a lot of time and effort for the people who are looking for someone to date.
  • You may go online and discover thousands of people to match up with.
  • There are also many free internet dating websites that often do not ask you for anything, so you can enjoy their dating services without spending a single dime.
  • When you find a perfect match, you do not have to waste time going out with someone who is just not worth the time.
  • Just with few clicks on your pc and signing into an online dating site you can look for your potential partner and choose your a lot easier and quicker.