Effects of Reviews on Streaming Services in Canada

Effects of Reviews on Streaming Services in Canada

All you need to keep tabs on your favourite movies, sporting activities, educational programs, trending music and other forms of entertainment, is a subscription to one of the numerous streaming service providers that have crept up into our lives.

One key thing to note about this modern trend is the flexibility it offers. Due to the advancement in technology which in turn has caused the proliferation of sophisticated and portable digital devices, coupled with increasing reliance on the internet and everything it has on offer, streaming contents can occur anywhere and at any point in time, as long as one has access to the internet and a subscription plan is in place.

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Now, let us take a proper look at what streaming services entail.

What is Streaming Services?

Streaming services refer to online providers of audio and visual content such as movies, music, sports, etc. for consumption by a subscribed user through an internet connection to the user’s device (television, computer, smartphone etc.). Popular examples include Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and Hoopla.

Streaming Services in Canada

Canadians have been said to spend more time online than anyone else in the world (an average of 45hrs per month). The country also ranked at #21 in the world for internet usage as of July 2016. It is no surprise that YouTube ranks as one of the most popular sites in Canada. And surveys have shown that Canada ranks among the top countries in regards to streaming services. You can check this review about TV and Movies if you are looking for more information on streaming services in Canada.

Streaming services in Canada are divided into two – free and paid subscriptions.

  • Free Streaming Services
    These are free sites that do not require a subscription by a user to gain access to their media content. Many free Canadian streaming services are offered by network channels on their online platforms.
    APTN which provides aboriginal content, Global News, SLICE (provides episodes of TV shows like First Dates and Real Housewives), The Comedy Network, Red Bull TV (sports, music and documentaries), are some examples.
  • Paid Subscriptions
    As in many other countries, Netflix is also one of the best streaming services on any list as far as paid streaming services in Canada are concerned. However, there are other alternatives.
    Amazon Prime is available on Android and Apple phones and other devices for Canadians at $7.99 per month. YouTube Premium is available at $11.99 per month. Canada’s Bell Media also runs a streaming service called CraveTV and its subscription rate is $9.99 per month. There is also Britbox ($8.99 per month) which offers some select British shows and documentaries.

Live TV Streaming Services in Canada

Live TV streaming is just like orthodox TV consisting of live stations. Live TV streaming services air their media contents live at a particular period.
One significant difference between live tv streaming and traditional tv is that live tv streaming which makes use of the internet as its medium gives you control over the content. The flexibility offers you the opportunity to make selections and watch only contents that interest you.
Live TV streaming services in Canada include Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube TV, and more. Meanwhile, the first Canadian Live TV streaming service RiverTV was unveiled last year.

Effects of Reviews on Streaming Services in Canada

Like in other fields, reviews also affect streaming services in Canada. Some consumers tend to trust what reviews have to say than what the service package is all about. Thus, having favourable reviews helps to drive up subscriptions. Typical examples include these reviews of telecom companies in Canada.

Ratings too also influence streaming services. For example, it is widely accepted that Netflix has to a larger extent, one of the best packages and original contents on offer. This reputation alone is enough for anyone to always have them at the top of their list.
Reviews cut across numerous sectors as a viable tool that influences growth and development. And since the role that consumers play in the scheme of things is of utmost significance, streaming service providers should explore the potentials available to them in the field to improve service delivery.

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