Tips on where to look for Streaming

Tips on where to look for Streaming

The day's cable TV used to define how you consume content are long gone. Thanks to advancements in technology, you can forego the frustrations of being confined to specific programs, being aired by the hundreds of cable TV and satellite channels. The internet has changed the way you consume entertainment content. The influx of streaming services is making it affordable for you to enjoy what you want when you want. Canada has not been left behind the era of streaming, with more and more streaming service providers entering the market foray.
For you whose tired of repeating the same old boring programs on TV, streaming services provide an excellent and most convenient opportunity for you to enjoy what you want when you want. The online streaming market is filled with more options than ever before for you looking to stream content online. Here is a list of 5 streaming sites well known in Canada that provide you with a great alternative to watch content online at a fee and for free!


If you love BBC the way you love tea, chips, and Yorkshire pudding, then Britbox is the streaming service for you. British shows and movies are readily available for streaming. The various categories on offer at the website include comedies, documentaries, crime shows, dramas, English mysteries, and soap operas. Only the best programs from the UK make it to this site. So, if you consider The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, a cult classic, then Britbox is the streaming service for you. Britbox is available for streaming through various channels, including Apple TV, Roku, over the internet on a web browser, and Chromecast on a smart TV. You can sign up for their 7-day free trial and after that pay a monthly subscription fee of $6.99 or a pocket-friendly annual subscription of $69.99. Enjoy a plethora of exclusive content and amazing shows available on Britbox such as Maigret, Silent Witness, Midsomer Murders, Shetland, Little Boy Blue, and Miss Marple. 2.

YouTube Premium

Why pay for something I'm enjoying for free? Is the question on your mind, right? Well, with YouTube Premium, you have access to great content available on YouTube, but without the pesky adverts. YouTube Premium allows you to listen and enjoy exclusive content while you are using other apps on your phone. Unlike other sites that allow only streaming of content, YouTube Premium gives you the power to download videos and watch them later at your convenience. If you subscribe to YouTube Premium when in Canada, you get to enjoy Google Music for free. Watch exclusive content from YouTube Premium on your computer, smart TV, through their app, and on select set-top boxes like Roku. A monthly subscription fee of $11.99 is required for you to start enjoying high-quality music videos and YouTube original content. For an additional $6.99 each month, 5 of your family members can have access to the premium content on offer at YouTube Premium. 3.


If you enjoyed great Canadian content on CBC TV, then CBC Gem is filled with great shows, movies, documentaries, newscasts, and content from the international market. You can sign up to CBC Gem free plans and enjoy crystal clear live-streaming of CBC TV, enjoy current and past shows, and ad-free kids programs. To avoid interruption by ads when watching your favorite show, you can pay a nominal monthly subscription fee of $4.99. CBC Gem is available through their Gem app, available for both Android and iOS. Other devices like your Mac or PC, Android TV, Fire TV, and tvOS can be used to stream all your favorite gems like Workin’ Moms, Schitt’s Creek, Kim’s Convenience, Award-winning documentaries, and CBC live TV. 4.

CBS All Access

Although you may not watch all the programs available on CBS, there is a treasure trove of great content available for streaming on CBS All Access. With CBS All Access, you have access to great original content, your favorite shows, children’s programs, reality TV, dramatic series, comedies, and live TV shows like CBS, CBSN, ET Live, and CBS Sports Hq. CBS All Access is available for streaming on your Mac or PC, smart TV, smartphone, game console, tablet, and select set-top boxes. Subscribing to their monthly plan starting at $5.99 entitles you to exclusive content and great shows, like NCIS, Big Brother, Picard, and Young Sheldon. 5.

Amazon Prime Video

Have you subscribed to Amazon Prime services? Did you know that apart from free shipping, you can also enjoy great entertainment content through Amazon's streaming services? If not, then you have been missing out on amazing blockbusters, TV shows, and Amazon's original content that is not available anywhere else. Through their Prime Video app, you have access to downloadable movies and shows, which you can enjoy on your mobile device while offline. Apart from their mobile app, Amazon Prime Video can stream through your PC or Mac, tablet, and select smart TVs. For a monthly fee of $7.99, you have access to great Amazon Prime Video content, free shipping for orders placed at Amazon shopping platform, Prime Music, and you can stream content on three different devices. Becoming an Amazon Prime Video member gives you access to top shows, such as Jack Ryan, Hunters, Fleabag, Good Omens, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

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