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    Adventure is one of the many few things that people have in common. Not because of the challenging part of it, but mainly because of the experience involved in it, the fact that you are entering into something you've never done before, and the danger that it sometimes involves. Over the years, several companies have sprung up, all offering people around the world the chance to go on adventures to some of the world's most famous places, or based on their choices. From hiking to camping, to mounting climbing, to biking or going into caves adventures are all around us. However, in the quest for adventures, people often get lost or lose reception to find their way back, and this has become somewhat of an issue that has led to a decrease in adventures of unfamiliar areas. It is for this particular reason that a few adventure companies have resulted in making use of GPS tracking for people to be able to find their way as well as be found if need be. Apart from the issue of getting lost, people also experience other distracting issues like not knowing how much further they have to go to get to where they need to be. Bivy is a company that claims to understand all these struggles that people go through in search of adventure, and as such, exert their expertise in providing better adventure experiences for people.

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    Bivy is one of such companies that claim to know much about the issues and challenges that travellers experience in their quest for adventures, and as such, Bivy provides these people with a means (solution) for the issues involved in their adventures. Bivy claims that is born through experience with instances such as "Unable to find the trailhead," "I think we are off route," "How much farther?" and more. It is for these reasons that Bivy created an app for their users to give them better experiences by being able to provide valuable answers to quayside that they might have or ask.

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    Bivy offers a host of products which includes Bivy stick, Bivy stick blue, Bivy stick orange, Bivy stick trade-in, accessories, and swag. Bivy offers a service app that not only allows you to find your way but also make it possible for you to be found. Bivy stick is of the products of Bivy and it offers satellite communication to users for the expedition. Bivy stick also offers you two-way text messaging, SOS, location sharing, while detailed weather reports are sent to your cell phone. Bivy also offers you one 20 different adventure types of fingertips, as well as being able to keep track of them all. The app is available for both iOS on the Apple app store and Android on the Google Play store.

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