What made Horizon Zero Dawn so great? 

What made Horizon Zero Dawn so great? 
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Last few years have been packed with great games as well as the worst flops in the history of the gaming industry but all the great games have brushed away all the pain, and one such game is Horizon New Dawn. It looked like a well balanced mishmash of different open-world games like Farcry and Witcher but as I got my hands on the game and played it myself, I was actually blown away by all the features and such smooth gameplay of the game. If you haven’t played this game and the other games that this title is inspired from, you should definitely check out best game prices for Horizon Zero Dawn.

There really is a lot to talk about this game, Horizon New Dawn comes packed with a lot of different features, some of which might even blow your mind away while others can prove to be rather make or break moments for us. So today, we will go through each and every aspect of the game to figure out the pros and cons of the game, so you can decide whether the game is worth it or not. Here is what we think.

A New Dawn

The game was first announced by Guerilla Games at an E3 2015 press conference, at first it seemed like just another game with a nice and fresh concept but as I played it, I came to love so many things about the game like the weary voice of the orphan protagonist Aloy. While the game might look like just another Jurassic Park variant, it has so much more to offer as you progress through the story than just robotic dinosaurs.

The game revolves around an orphan named Aloy, who is on her journey to discover her past and has to overcome so much on the way. Aloy is an outcast the moment she is born along with her adopted father named Rost. The story gets going into high gear as Aloy finds herself lost in the ancient ruins of the old civilization where she finds a piece of technology from the past, a focus that allows her to see the world with much more detail through an augmented reality display. The first task that Aloy has to overcome is to get her place back in the tribe, which would be a step up in the journey to find out her parents. The story of this game is no less than some Sci-Fi blockbuster movie plot, it revolves around how the whole world collapsed because of technology and then was revived again.

Zero Dawn World

Along with a perfect plot, the game has one of the most beautiful worlds and the visuals are a treat to the eyes. The game's varied and rich quests offer a whole new experience to players than most of the other games in the genre, the emphasized action has worked wonders, the weapons and the upgrading mechanism and depth is so good that it keeps you engaged in the game quite all the time. However there were times when I actually got confused while choosing different bows when in reality they do the same thing like the other so that surely was a negative point for me but it's restricted just to that. Everything else about the game is so smooth and just about right.

The game does have some borrowed elements of crafting the weapons by collecting the resources from other creatures wandering around the vast open world or the enemies that you come across during your side quests. It features a simple inventory system where you can grab off the resources and put them in your bag for you to later craft up the weaponry and it somewhat reminds me of survival titles such as Rust where you do exactly the same thing, of course in its own unique way.

It doesn’t happen much often that I find myself teary-eyed but as the end credits rolled in I just couldn’t hold back and this game just made its place right inside my heart alongside a very few others. Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the few games that actually have a soul to them and the developers made just about a perfect cocktail of graphics, story, action and emotion above all. Horizon Zero Dawn deserved way more than what it’s got from the world of gaming but a sequel is on its way and it seems as promising as the original game, it’s called Horizon Forbidden West and I can’t help but expect so much from the game.

Anyways, the game might not be as perfect for you as it is for me, I have always been a BIG fan of huge open world games with a compelling story and captivating narrative like the Assassins Creed and Far Cry series. Games like these have always been a huge “turn on” for me and Horizon Zero Dawn has done it way better than any other game in a variety of features. There sure are some minor flaws like the whole vast world with mostly repetitive side quests that can get really boring at times but the rest of the game actually makes up for it as a whole.

The whole adventure into the vast world where the civilization is divided into different races and classes sure does remind me of Elder Scroll in terms of how the whole adventure plays out with you exploring the massive worlds and the lost civilizations. However, in terms of visuals the game is probably one of the best looking console games that you can get your hands on.

So, if you haven’t played this game and the other games that this title is inspired from, you should definitely check out.

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