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    A lot of people lean towards the belief that people drink coffee only because it contains caffeine. Well, this might sound like the only plausible reason but the truth is that there are other reasons people go for coffee too. Millions around the world reach for steaming hot coffee first thing in the morning to get them started. Although, it's obvious that most people take coffee because of the caffeine content. The caffeine gets the blood moving and the body energised. Early risers depend on coffee to get through the day. This is one of the top reasons people go for coffee. Another thing is that caffeine is addictive. It contains many chemicals that contribute to its addictive property. Withdrawing from caffeine may cause irritability and headaches. What most people that want to give up coffee do is switch to decaffeinated coffee. Coffee is more than a social drink. People meet at local coffee shops to discuss business and just hang out. A lot of people attest to the fact that they drink coffee to relax and unwind. Although, coffee might be a stimulant people take it to relax their senses, wind down and calm their nerves. There are different brands of coffee and all of them have their unique taste. It's also imperative to know that coffee can be ordered online. Coffee Blenders is a company that claims to produce a wide variety of coffee.

    About Coffee Blenders
    Coffee Blenders is a company that produces coffee. The company was started because of the need to develop a cup of coffee for coffee lovers around the world. Coffee Blenders is made up of a speciality coffee from three nations’ which they claimed are known for the type of coffee they export to other countries. Coffee Blenders collections of coffee beans are sourced from small family-owned farms located in the Southern part of Ethiopia, which is believed to be the birthplace of coffee because coffee is a native species there. The company also opined that their Guatemalan is planted on a family-owned farm located at the western highlands in Guatemala. They also have a collection of Rwandan products, sourced from Rwanda and their green coffee is sourced from Honduras. In 2014, Coffee Blenders introduced the single-serve pour-over method to the U.S. For independent customer reviews of Coffee Blenders, please do read on.

    Products and services of Coffee Blenders
    Coffee Blenders offers three lines of coffee which are lean cup, think cup and relax cup. They also offer a drip cup. Their range of coffee collections includes barista trio, barista trio variety case, Guatemalan coffee pour-over pouches 5-count, organic Ethiopian coffee pour-over pouches 5-count, pine ranch single cup t-bag style coffee pouches-60-count box, pine ranch single serve tea bag coffee 50 count dispense box, Rwandan coffee pour-over pouches. The company claims that its products are sourced from Rwanda, Guatemala, Ethiopia and Honduras. The company asserts that its collections are made from organic products and can be ordered online via their website.

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