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    Are you confident in your smile? Do you feel confident showing your pearly whites to the rest of the world? For many people, the answer is a resounding ‘NO’. For some, their reasons may be that their teeth aren’t white enough, and for others, it’s because their teeth are crooked. However, for teeth whitening, people can use a plethora of methods; ranging from the use of toothpaste, teeth whiteners, and even household remedies like charcoal, lemon, carrots, etc. But for those with crooked teeth, would have to rely on dental braces to correct their teeth deformity. And for many people, nothing kills a smile like braces. Mostly metallic in make, although the braces do their job, they tend to draw attention, as they are a black contraption laid on a mostly white background. However, many dentists and medical experts have been conducting their research to develop a more socially acceptable brace. And Alignerco is a company that claims to have produced such a solution.

    About Alignerco

    Alignerco is a company that avers that they have a more socially acceptable alternative to the traditional metallic dental braces. And they refer to this solution as the invisible aligners. Alignerco promises that their invisible aligners will not stand out when it is in use. The clear material that their invisible braces are made of is one of the reasons for which Alignerco believes that their braces would not draw attention. And the other is the fact that their braces are made to be removable, which they believe is a distinct advantage over the non-removable metal braces. If you want to know the capability of their brace, and the truth about its ability to not attract attention, the honest customer reviews of Alignerco written by individuals that have patronized them before is your best bet.

    Products, and Services of Alignerco

    Individuals that want to get their invisible aligners can do so by contacting Alignerco, and after which they would be sent an impression kit. With the impression kit from Alignerco, the customer is expected to make an impression of their teeth on it, and send them back once they are done. Alignerco believes that with the aid of your impressions, and their technical expertise, they would be able to create a 3D model of your teeth. Using this 3D model, they acknowledge that they would be able to design a suitable treatment plan for you and create a set of custom invisible aligners that would be a perfect fit for the shape and colour of your teeth. With its apparent removability, Alignerco also proposes that individuals that do not want to wear their dental braces outdoors can just put them on at night before they go to sleep, although this would extend the treatment period. Alignerco accepts a one-time payment for their braces, although they still provide an option for the customer to pay in instalments. The invisible aligners from Alignerco can be shipped within Canada, and to cities within the US and Australia.

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