Good Dieting: Secrets to a Healthy Life

Good Dieting: Secrets to a Healthy Life

The saying can be broken down to mean that when you have a healthy body and mind, you won’t have to visit the doctor as often as you would if you were unhealthy.

One way to achieve a healthy lifestyle is by paying attention to what you eat. It involves being conscious of what you are eating and how often you do so. Being deliberate is important on the journey towards achieving a healthy lifestyle. At Allreviews, you can find a list of companies that encourage and advise people on making healthy choices concerning their dietary habits.

Diet Plan

A diet plan is meant to be specifically tailored to an individual’s health status, weight and lifestyle goals. It is a plan that details the types of food you will eat, how to eat them and how often you should eat them. It takes into account your health challenges, if any, weight loss and general health goals. You can visit food companies for help in creating a personalized diet plan for you.


Dieting is a way of eating food to increase, reduce or maintain body weight. Most times people are encouraged to watch what they eat if it has the potential of causing health challenges like obesity, heart problems or diabetes. It is just a process of people stopping or reducing what they eat or starting to eat something new.


These can be said to be the particular types of food or drinks a person consumes at a time in their lives. The different types include vegan, fruit, egg, gluten-free, keto and others. These different diets are supposed to cause changes or improve something in a person’s health and body. They are result-oriented especially if they are fully followed as they should by the people using them.

Diets That Work

Diets that work are dependent on what they are meant to do and if they do what they are supposed to. They also have been scientifically proven to work. Examples of such diets include the following:

a. The Mediterranean Diet

This diet has been studied extensively and found to be effective in the prevention of heart disease. Meals in the diet contain a lot of veggies, fruits, fish, whole grains, poultry and legumes, dairy products and extra virgin oil.

b. Low-Carb, Whole-Food Diet

This is not a flexible diet because of the ability to create your own variety of it all depending on your weight loss and health goals. It’s great for losing weight, boosting your health and lowering or removing any risk of disease. Meals contain plenty of veggies, nuts, fruits, eggs, meat and fish. Fats, sugars, processed foods and starch are used sparingly or removed depending on taste.

c. Vegan Diet

This involves only eating plant-based foods or beverages.

d. Paleo Diet

All forms of unprocessed foods are eaten and nothing processed is allowed. This diet is formed from the eating pattern of the Paleolithic man.

e. Gluten-Free Diet

People who are gluten intolerant eat such a diet. Their meals are strictly free of any amount of gluten. Even with gluten-free junk foods, it is still not healthy.

Egg Diet

This weight loss program requires you to include eggs every time in all your meals. The egg diet is a low-carbohydrate and high-protein plan to help you quickly lose weight without losing any muscle mass. There are many variations to this plan an emphasis on eliminating snacks starchy foods and sugar, taking zero-calorie beverages and water.

Carnivore Diet

The carnivore diet discourages eating or taking fruits, veggies, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds. You can eat meat, fish, eggs and certain dairy products. Butter and some cheeses are discouraged as they contain some levels of lactose.

The idea behind this diet is that our forefathers fed on meat and fish majorly back then, and there was a low rate of chronic diseases as we see today. The high-carb diets we eat today are blamed for the high rise in diseases due to the unhealthy and chemical components that these diets contain. Though some people argue against this cause-and-effect belief. Unlike other diets, this type highly restricts including any form of carbs into one’s diet. It aims for zero carbs.

It is worthy to note that the major proponent of this diet, Shawn Baker, is a famous orthopedic doctor who had his medical license revoked due to professional competency issues. He stands by the testimonials of those who use the carnivore diet to treat depression, anxiety, arthritis and more.
Scientifically, the diet is yet to be certified for its effects on the human body.

8OO Calorie Diet

The 800 calorie diet plan involves you cutting your calorie level to 800 a day in the first few weeks of the plan. In the first couple of days, your body goes into ketosis. In the second stage, you are to eat only 800 calories worth of food for two days only and follow a strict Mediterranean diet plan for the rest 5 days while restraining from overdoing it.

Also, at this stage, you need to eat fewer processed foods and cook more at home with a lot of veggies, grains, beans, nuts, some extra fibre, oily fish and full-fat dairy products. Avoid or reduce sugar, starchy foods (rice, white bread and pasta) while consuming between 40 to 60g of protein daily.

At the third stage, you should have hit your weight loss goal and all you need to be doing now is maintaining your new body weight. Continue with the Mediterranean diet, fasting on odd days, and introducing low amounts of sugar and starch in your meals.

Fasting Diet

The fasting diet is also known as the 5:12 diet. It’s an eating plan that has you eating between 500 -600 calories twice a week and eating normally for the remaining days. Popularized by the British journalist, Micheal Mosley, it has variations for both men and women on fasting days. Men are advised to eat 500 calories and women 600. The calories can be broken down into little portions in each meal of the day and not as a whole lump sum eaten at once.

Cambridge Diet

The Cambridge diet plan is geared at helping people lose weight through structured meals as dictated by their weight and health goals.
Instead of taking regular meals, people replace them with soups, shakes, snacks and other healthy assortments as recommended by a consultant.
The diet plan is so personalized that you have your own consultant who actually works with you on your weight loss journey. It’s more like having your own personal fitness trainer.

The idea behind it is much like that of the Keto diet. When the body is forced to the stage of ketosis, it turns to the fat inside of it and starts to get its nutrients from there. Any other nutritional needs are gotten in the form of shakes, soups and snacks, all tailored for the specific need of the client.

The plan has six ranges. Stage one is also known as “Sole Source” which is a stage of eating only what food is recommended and Stage six or the “Maintenance” is where you take a healthy amount of meal replacements as needed. All of these stages are planned while having to consider how much weight you want to lose and the much time it will take to do that based on your current body weight. Wondering why you are not losing weight?, read our article on How to Lose Weight with Proper Dieting.

For this type of diet plan, you need constant supervision and shouldn’t do anything outside the eating plan drawn up for you. At some stages of this plan, you can be asked to get a doctor’s consent to continue or move to the next stage. Your doctor could be concerned about you losing some vital vitamins and minerals.

With diet plans, you need to consider factors like your age, body weight, health issues amongst other things. Do not jump head-on into any plan without first recognizing what the plan entails. That is why we are suggesting you take a look at this article about meal planning.
Also, know that some diets will require you to exercise on your own. To know more about having a home gym read our article on How to Find the Best Home Gym Equipment.

That one plan works for one person or persons doesn’t mean it will work for you. Get relevant information (reviews are a sure channel for this) before taking a step towards a diet plan. It is better to start with plans that allow your body to adjust to the changes rather than subjecting it to a sudden change.

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