Things You Should Know About Airport Parking

Things You Should Know About Airport Parking
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Flying out of the country can be a headache, especially when you are worried about your pick-up and drop-off plan. You don't have to bother yourself or anyone anymore. Book airport parking in or around the airport you will be using, drive on your day of departure, and leave your car in a safe where you will pick it and go home upon returning. Whether you are a novice traveler or a seasonal business person, this article will provide insights into airport parking that could be life-changing. Keep reading!

How much is Airport Parking

The cost of parking differs from one parking service provider to the other. The nature of the services offered and the duration you wish to park your vehicle usually determine the cost.

In Canada, Pearson is the largest International airport and is commonly referred to as Toronto Pearson. With the world's largest car service providers like XYZ in the picture, you can be sure to get the best airport parking rates in the city.

Toronto airport parking rates range from as low as $3 per hour and $53 per day for the Valet Parking services. The Prices differ depending on the duration you intend on parking your car and the type of airport parking you choose. There are both short-term and long-term airport parking services which means you can park your vehicle for an hour or two waiting for someone's arrival, or you can park your car for a week or more as you travel to another country or city.

Airport parking options

1. Self Park Airport Parking

For this option, you park your vehicle, and the company offers you a ride to the airport. Usually, the terminal is less than a 15 minutes drive from the parking lot of the companies providing self-park deals transport people to and from the airport using comfortable shuttles. You don't have to worry about drop-off or pick-up vehicles.

2. Economy Long term Airport Parking

The option is similar to self-park parking but more economical. If you are seeking long-term airport parking services, this should interest you. Although the parking lots are usually uncovered and a bit far from the terminal, it's one of the cheapest options. Not to worry, there are shuttle services to ferry you and any luggage to and from the airport.

3. Valet Airport Parking

The option is usually referred to as the VIP airport parking package. A company’s driver parks the car for you while you enjoy a comfortable ride on their shuttle.

4. Short term Airport Parking

The parking spaces are closest to the terminals, ideal for baggage claim and those in a hurry. It comes second to Valet parking or the most expensive option. Best for hourly packing, but overnight charges could get high. Should you need to park your car overnight, be sure to use the Terminal for daily parking services.

5. Off-site parking

Even cheaper than the long-term option, off-site airport parking is the best option you have. You simply pay for a private parking lot or garage and have someone take care of your vehicle when you are gone. The package comes with 24/7 shuttle service, luggage assistance, and frequent discounts. The convenience is out of this world as you don't have to pay for overpriced airport packing, which is in high demand. You get a reserved lot upon booking.

6. Daily Parking

The option is ideal for those in-between short and long-term parking spaces. Short term would be too expensive for a day or two as the rates get charged from as low as 30 minutes. They are within short walking distances from the terminal and might be covered on not.

Types of Airport Parking Spaces

Airport parking spaces range from garages to open spaces. Most off-site parking may be outdoor spaces but also could be covered preserved slots in private parking. Depending on the company offering the service to you, you can get a place in the parking lot, the garage, or open space.

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