Car Services 101: Rentals, Leasing & Parking

Car Services 101: Rentals, Leasing & Parking
Car rental & parking

Owning a car is a dream come true for most of us. Even better, with services like car rental and car lease, you don’t have to get a loan to own one. You can just lease or rent one for your desired period until you can eventually own one. While driving a car comes with numerous perks, it can be a nightmare if you neglect your vehicle. Luckily with car servicing, you should be able to enjoy driving free of trouble.

The one question that comes into your mind when thinking about serving your car is where you can find reliable car service providers. We got you! Allreviews provides you a pool of companies and numerous genuine reviews from previous customers. If there is a better way to find the best, it is through the experiences of those who have been in your shoes before. If you are new to car ownership, renting, or leasing, we have some insights into what care services entail and what you should expect from service companies. Again, reviews of car service companies should give some light on the quality of their services.

Defining Car Service

Car service involves several maintenance procedures that include testing, inspecting, and replacing some of the elements. Usually, the process takes place at intervals or after the vehicle reaches a particular mileage. In most cases, manufacturers indicate the intervals when you should service your car. Car service reduces the rate at which your vehicle depreciates. If you want it to be in great shape, show it some love by giving it some service.

What you should expect from your Car service provider

Owning a car is one thing, and knowing what to expect during a car service routine is another. In business, not everyone is genuine, and you don't want to get scammed. Some mechanics will do less or nothing to your vehicle if they notice you don't know much about service. The internet is a great resource, and you can arm yourselves with some priceless knowledge on car services. Besides, the buyers' manual should have requirements on each service which you could use as a checklist. Here's what to expect:

For Major car service:

· Checking and topping up all the fluids.

· Checking tyres for wear and their pressures.

· Testing the condition of the coolant, battery, and cooling system.

· Changing all the transmission oils.

· Replacing spark plugs.

· Repacking bearings for all the wheels.

During Minor Car Service:

· Checking oil filters and the oil.

· Checking the level of brake fluids, measuring the depth of the brake pads and the braking response time.

· Testing the efficiency of the air conditioning system.

· Cleaning or replacing the air filter depending on its condition.

· Checking the cooling system, tyres, transmission, belts, exhaust, hoses, battery, and fuel filter.

· Checking spark plugs for grease which may indicate an oil leak.

· Checking washers and windscreen wipers for visibility.

· Testing the lighting and replacing any faulty bulbs.

· Testing the functionality of the suspension and steering by measuring response time.

The time spent during the procedures may vary depending on the model and make of your car. Also, minor services take less time compared to major ones.

Types of car services

There are several types of car services offered in Canadian garages. Usually, the services provided as a package differ from one class to the other. Here are the most common types you are more likely to come across:

1. Full car service

Also referred to as the intermediate services, a full car service involves major inspections and replacement. The package is ideal for low mileage vehicles. You can get this package after 12 months or after 12,000 miles. It includes changing the air filters, inspecting brakes extensively, inspecting shock absorbers and wheel bearings, testing electrical components, inspecting the air conditioning system, and checking the coolant and the radiator.

2. Interim

The interim car service package targets drivers who travel more than 20,000 miles per year. The package includes oil changes, an inspection of major components like windscreen wipers, lights, and tyres, topping up all fluids, and checking for leaks.

3. Major

Also known as a master service, the major car service usually occurs after two years or after your vehicle has covered a mileage of 24 000 miles. During the services, most parts get replaced as your car gets a safety inspection. Other procedures done during a major service are outlined in the previous sub-section.

Reasons why you should service your car

1. For safety:

More accidents in Canada and the world over are caused by faulty car parts. It should be easy to identify components that are worn over time and replace them during a car service routine rather than waiting until it's too late to prevent damage. Lives may be lost, or you could ram into someone's car. You don't want to know how your insurance deals with such accidents caused by faulty parts.

2. To maintain warranty:

If you want to keep your manufacturer's warranty for your new car, get the vehicle serviced within the required periods. Always keep your handbook around to keep track of your servicing routine and guidelines.

3. To keep the engine in great shape:

The engine is the heart of your car. Keeping it healthy by having the oils and filters changed increases its longevity and prevents dust and dirt from accumulating inside, which may cause significant issues.

4. To protect the value of your car:

Car service reduces the rate at which your vehicle depreciates. Most car rental and lease companies have you service their vehicle regularly to protect its value. No one will want to lease a car in bad condition. Most people service their cars before selling as a way of gaining more value.

5. To maintain the car's efficiency:

A new vehicle works smoothly as most components are in great shape. Its efficiency may begin to reduce when air filters get clogged with dirt or moving parts start to wear. Servicing your car will prevent this by cleaning or replacing these parts, making your car as good as new.

When to service your car

You ought to get your car serviced annually, or at least when your manufacturer has recommended it. If you are on a leased or rented car, you should have a lease maintenance agreement with the details. Service your vehicle as often as you see the need to do it. There is no harm in doing it more frequently than usual.

Car services you should know about

1. Car rental services

Car rental services come to the rescue for anyone hoping to avoid all the hassle of public transportation and enjoy the convenience of self drive. Whether you are taking a road trip, traveling for some time, or picking up something, you can always find the best car rental deal. There are both long-term and short-term rental cars in Canada. Be sure to find one close to you.

2. Car detailing services

Give your car a thorough clean with the help of a professional. Unlike a car wash, car detailing cleans your vehicle's interior, which is not a regular procedure. Car detailing services you don't always get in a standard wash include perfuming, glass cleaning, scrubbing and brushing carpets, seats, mats, vacuuming, and Steam cleaning to remove tough stains on seats and carpets. With detailing services, you are likely to get exterior and interior car cleaning services.

3. Car hauling services

Sometimes your car won't start, and you can't manage to have it repaired on the way. The best service you could use at such moments is car hauling services. Your car will be loaded on a trailer and transported where you need it to go.

4. Airport Parking

Avoid the hustle of taking a cab every time you are flying for business. Airport parking should save you the trouble of finding a parking lot, especially if you are in a hurry. You can just park your car in a safe place at very affordable rates and rest easy traveling around the world.

5. Car lease

If you don’t have the money to own a car, you don’t have to put up with taking the train or waiting for the bus. Get a car lease deal and enjoy driving yourself. You could even purchase the vehicle when your lease is over, or even better, exchange it for the latest model car.

Where can you get car service?

The best place to find car service is at garages owned by reputable companies. Canadian Tire garage is one of the best places in all of Canada. Even better, you can access a pool of auto services such as auto repair, oil changes, and buy car service tools for self service from the best.

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