How Businesses Use Promotions to Win New Custom Online

How Businesses Use Promotions to Win New Custom Online

Companies regularly use deals to secure new business. This is just as much true online as it is in the physical world, perhaps even more so.

Organisations can attract new business with deals, promotions and loyalty schemes. They also sure up the loyalty of a customer base to a brand.

According to a recent survey, deals have a strong influence on how customers perceive a brand. Their attraction to certain products and overall brand loyalty is backed up by promotional activity.

The survey showed that promotional codes, coupons and discount offers are an essential way for brands to win new custom. 80 percent of those questioned would likely make a purchase from a brand new to them if they found a good deal.

These sorts of marketing ideas also strengthen relationships with existing customers.

Online Best Deals

Companies featured on have benefited strongly from putting new deals and promotions at the forefront of their marketing activity. This shows that online businesses have all created successful ways to harness the strength of promotional marketing.

Film and TV

Netflix is a great example of a company that has adapted to the consumer demands of the 21st century. First starting as a DVD rental outlet that sold and rented DVDs by mail, Netflix is now the main player in video streaming.

Promotional codes and discounts are a key way that the brand has stayed ahead of the curve. Faced with strong competition from Disney, Google, Apple, Amazon and a host of other major corporations, Netflix regularly outsources promotional codes for its services.

Promotional codes and offers are also used by Netflix’s competition. Amazon provides a selection of deals and discounts on all of its many services, including discounts on Amazon Prime Video.


The rise of smart poker promotions in Canada offers a great chance for players to try out whether the various games on offer are right for them. The marketing schemes are also a valuable way for the sites that use them to appeal directly to new players.

This sort of clever promotion of a companies programs and products is also seen in the giants of the gaming world. PlayStation and Xbox have successfully applied discount codes on hardware and software for new
players. Established fans of the consoles can also benefit from the discounts by buying new titles.


The industry of audiobooks has changed hugely since the ongoing digitization of every aspect of lifestyle. The company Audible has tapped into a growing desire for talking books in the era of smartphones and mobile devices.

Although talking books are nothing new – they date back to the 1940s – Audible has managed to bring a new generation on board.

Clever promotion of the benefits of the Audible app has led to rapid growth in Canada and elsewhere. Free trials of the platform plus huge discounts on audiobooks have created the perfect way for book lovers to listen in.

Food Delivery

Online food delivery services have seen a huge rise in recent months. The market is quickly growing to encompass new ideas and activity. E-commerce is at the heart of this.

Uber Eats is a company that has done fantastically well since being founded in 2014. The company sourced a $6 billion bookings run rate over its first four years.

Other delivery services such as the pizza company Dominos also use promotional codes and buy one get one free deals.


The travel industry has changed dramatically in recent years, with travellers now able to modify and create the experience exactly how they like. Accommodation is essential to this, with a more relaxed sense of how bookings are made integral to the changes.

The company Airbnb is a major player in freeing up the travel climate for consumers. The company acts as an online marketplace for accommodation and lodgings.

Since starting up in 2008, the company took a great idea of democratising the hotel bookings industry and turning it into an industry-changing success.

The company regularly provides discount codes and money off vouchers for travellers to apply to their bookings. The codes have helped travellers to try out new experiences in parts of the world they may not have otherwise considered. By making significant savings on the

Airbnb also shares the valuable marketing strategy of offering money off for new sign-ups. If a customer is opening a new Airbnb account, they can receive credit towards their first booking.

The company also uses specific deals and offers throughout the year, with summer sales and Valentine’s Day deals being two of the most popular.

Promotional codes and discounts have been an effective method of winning new custom since well before the digital age. The new application of them in today’s digital environment continues to benefit companies and customers.

Promotions will be a necessary portion of companies’ marketing strategy for the foreseeable future. The online marketplace will continue to grow exponentially. As the competition increases, customers will be able to find even better deals.

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