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    Clothing is one of man's primary needs alongside shelter and food. Since the stone age, man has constantly developed means but which he could clothe himself. The early men made use of leaves as a means of covering themselves, and as time went on, a man began to make use of fabrics as a means of clothing. Initially, the fabrics material was worn as an overall especially since it is a type of material that is particularly used in cold weather. As time moved on, the rise in technology meant that man could evolve and make better clothes with materials such as fabrics, wools, and others. Typically, these materials are majorly used in the production of outdoor clothing such as coats, gowns, caps and head-warmers. Fabric is a very delicate material that requires precession and careful handling during its production. Basically, fabrics are made by the creation of an interlocking network of yarns or threads which on their own are produced by spinning raw fibres into a twisted and long length. Kora is an online company that claims to understand the concept of fabrics and hence, exert its knowledge into the production of outdoor clothing.

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    Kora is an online company and brand that deals solely with the production of outdoor clothing from materials such as wool and fabric. Kora claims that the process to deliver and perfect each fabric takes time, hence they aim to continue to control every step in the process, starting from the raw wool. The company, Kora was formed to be the main power of positive change for the Tibetan nomadic communities which supply them yak wool – as claimed on their website. Kora also maintains that it aims to make outdoor clothing products so that its customers can go further. Kora boasts to have also teamed up with the Kegawa Herders cooperative, a collective of over 90 families in the Yushu Tibetan Prefecture. To verify these claims, we suggest that you read an honest customer review about Kora here before proceeding to their website.

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    Kora deals on the sales of outdoor clothing for both men and women only. Kora's main category of products includes The Yushu Collection and Yak Wool Activewear. In the Yushu category, Kora has on sale; M'S YUSHU LS CREW, M'S YUSHU LS ZIP, M'S STRATAM LS SWEATER, M'S XENOLITH SWEATER 2.0 for the man category, and the women category, the Yushu category consist of W'S YUSHU LS CREW, W'S YUSHU LS ZIP, W'S STRATAM LS SWEATER, W'S XENOLITH SWEATER 2.0. Kora offers free express delivery services on orders that exceed $250. The company also offers a 30-Day trial guarantee on products bought where terms and conditions are applicable.

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    Have you bought any fabric from Kora? If yes, how did it feel to you? Kora claims to produce natural wool material cloth, how true is this claim? Will you recommend Kora to your friends and family? We would love to hear your experiences and feedback, and opinion, as well as any complaints or suggestions you might have on how the company can improve its general service delivery.

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