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    Unhealthy drinking of water has been known to be the main cause of some notable diseases such as diarrhoea, running stomach and even death in children. Many developing countries of the world have a high rate of death mostly especially in growing children due to the absence of healthy and clean drinking water. Since most of them make use of water from the streams and dirty taps which are not well disinfected. CrazyCap is a company that alleges to offer safe drinking water channels by the use of its products for people all around the world and also decrease mortality in children. But do they have a good track record? We suggest you read on to get suggestive answers to your questions.

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    Water is very important in the life of any human being it is required for almost everything we do, from drinking, bathing, washing, cooking and so on. It is no wonder then why the human body is said to contain about 60% water of its overall capacity. CrazyCap is an online company that was established by Rakesh Guduru, PhD who is the founder and current CEO of CrazyCap in a bid to provide safe drinking water for people all around the world. The company maintains that not only is it creating an avenue for safe water drinking but it is also trying to save the world from landfills and global warming due to the increased use of plastic bottles. These plastic bottles are known to create so much havoc in the world and the disuse of it has become a global campaign and that is why companies like CrazyCap take it up as a chore to increase awareness. CrazyCap is domiciled in the United States from where its products are shipped to many parts of the world.

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    In as much as drinking water is inevitable in our everyday living, it is then important to have safe and clean water and also drinking outlets or channels. It is then in this part that CrazyCap comes in with its products; the water purifier. The company specializes in the sale of water purifier which not only makes the water clean for drinking but also assets to sanitizing the water surface from germs. CrazyCap again claims to assist in improving the global health challenge by decreasing the use of plastic which has been known to contribute greatly to global warming. The company offers 30 days return and refund policy on its water purifier is faulty on delivery.

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    The saying, 'water is life' is adequately correct and the usefulness of water can never be overemphasized, therefore, if you have purchased the water purifier sold by CrazyCap in recent times? How would you describe your experiences with the company? Are you willing to recommend the company to other people you know and also make another purchase yourself? Do well to share your honest customer reviews about CrazyCap here, as your feedback will be highly appreciated. We would love to hear from you soon.

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