Best Coworking Events to Build A Community at Your Workspace

Best Coworking Events to Build A Community at Your Workspace

Workspaces tend to be far more welcoming and pleasant places to work when there’s a sense of community. Many people who choose to work at a workspace could easily do so from home but prefer workspaces because of the community and the people they get to be around. Workspaces aren’t just a place to work but also excellent networking opportunities.

Coworking events are a key part of building a successful community within your workplace, helping to increase workplace satisfaction and lead to more members signing up. If you want to build your workspace as a place with a strong community that is exciting and engaging to be a part of, coworking events can be really effective.

In this article, we will be going over some of the best coworking events you can set up to build a successful community. As digital marketing experts and business owners, we understand the importance of community-driven workspaces. Here you’ll find examples of great coworking events for both current members and prospective members, as well as those that can help the local community.

Coworking Events for Members

Coworking events for members are an excellent way of improving the community spirit in the workspace and encouraging networking and engagement. They help to keep members interested in staying a part of the community, ensuring that membership rates don’t decrease. Good coworking events for members should be fun and useful. It’s also important that all members are aware of the events. Sending out an email newsletter or using social media are good ways of doing this.

Mentor Seminar

You can book mentors to the coworking space to provide talks that can benefit everyone. These could be experts in a specific industry or local US business owners who can share knowledge on their success. It can be highly beneficial to learn from others, even on topics that aren’t directly related to your business. A good example would be digital marketing. Digital marketing is an important topic for many businesses to consider, as a good digital marketing strategy can dramatically affect revenue.

Happy Hour

A happy hour is one of the simplest events you can set up, but it’s still incredibly effective. Members can end the workday with a free drink of their choice, and this provides an excellent opportunity for everyone to relax and get to know each other better. It’s best to schedule happy hour events for the end of the workday to ensure that most members can attend.

Networking Session

Many people join coworking spaces because of thenetworking opportunities they provide, so it makes a lot of sense to set up networking sessions. Ideally, this should be purposeful networking, where everyone gets a chance to meet someone that could be beneficial to them. For this to work well, you need to go through the list of attendees and set up each person with a group of people they could learn from or make a useful connection with.


Hackathons are events specifically for software engineers and developers that involve a collaborative project. Each event has a goal to create functioning software, and people must work together to achieve the objectives. This can be a really fun event, and you can split the group into teams to see who comes up with the best software solution.

Team-Building Events

Team-building events are an excellent way of helping a group feel closer and getting everyone out of the office for a bit. You can organize a trip and book team-building events from a local provider. These can range from being incredibly simple to being fairly complex and needing a lot of organization, so be sure to plan this carefully. Team building exercises can include escape rooms, paintballing, trust exercises, and puzzles.

Book Club

A book club is really easy to organize but can be incredibly effective at helping a group feel a lot closer. The club assigns a book for all members to read before meeting up to discuss the book and what they thought of it later on. Members can choose different books, and it’s a great way for the group to learn more about each other and build a better community spirit.

Coworking Events for Prospective Members

As well as serving current members, coworking events can be an excellent opportunity to attract potential new members. Any community manager should also focus on bringing in new members. Help make sure that prospective members can feel part of the community straight away when they join some of these events.

Free Training Courses

A great way to attract prospective members is by offering free experiences. Training courses are a great thing to offer as they’re incredibly useful and relate to coworking. You can select training courses that are relevant to your coworking space. For example, if retail businesses mostly occupy your coworking space, you can offer training on sales and business management. For tech companies, a training course on coding and software development might be better.


You can offer your coworking space as an area for local groups to meet up and spend time together. This is a good way of showing off the space and community to prospective new members. Over time, many people who come for meetups may be encouraged to join the workspace themselves. Members could even interact with the groups to let them know about the benefits of joining.

Launch Parties

Launch parties are important events for small businesses, artists, creatives, and tech companies. Coworking spaces are often offered as a place to hold launch parties, and all of the people who attend will be able to get a good look at how great the workspace is.


Seminars are also a great way to attract prospective members. Aside from holding regular member-only seminars, you can also put on regular seminars that are open to the public. People will be able to sign up, come along and see the benefits of the community, as well as learn from experts. Good topics include the fastest-growing markets, changes in major industries, and insight from business leaders.

Local Community Coworking Events

Aside from fostering a community spirit within the workspace, You can also use coworking events to benefit the wider community. Local charities and other organizations in the area can always use a helping hand, and it’s a great way to also help members and prospective members feel better about being part of the workspace. Here are a few ideas.

Gift Drive

Gift drives are especially important around the holiday season, and charities in the US, such as Toys for Tots, are always accepting donations. You can encourage members to bring old or unwanted gifts in to donate, helping to give back to the community.


You can hold fundraisers for just about any charity, local, national, or even international. Find a good charity to support or canvass members to see if they have any charity suggestions. You can then raise money in a variety of ways, including bake sales, sponsored sports, or simply asking for donations from members.

Volunteering Day

Volunteering can be quite time-intensive, but it’s well worth it to be able to give back to the local community. You can organize volunteering events at local homeless shelters, old people’s homes, animal sanctuaries, and much more. This is an excellent way to build community spirit and will leave everyone feeling good about their efforts.

Final Thoughts

Coworking spaces are in demand because of the community spirit they provide. Most people choose a workspace based on the people that work there, looking for places that are fun while also offering good networking opportunities.

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