Things to know before you hire a house cleaning service

Things to know before you hire a house cleaning service

Happy people are less likely to post reviews than unhappy people who feel compelled to share their bad experiences with the rest of the world. If a business gets only negative feedback, that's a big red flag, but if they get more positive comments and a few negative ones, that's about average. No one is without imperfections. Regardless, a simple rule of thumb is to stay away from companies that have all perfect scores, stay away from companies that have all terrible scores, and look for companies that have average ratings. You can find different household service reviews on this platform that will help you while deciding on a professional house cleaning service company to choose. There are also reviews of companies that offer services other than household services.

Benefits of Home Cleaning Services

There are numerous benefits of using a home cleaning service, we’ll mention a few.

  • You’ll get a clean home
  • You don’t need to provide materials
  • Professionals know what supplies to use on what surfaces
  • You only pay for what you need
  • You’ll have more free time

Different Types Of Apartment Cleaning Services

  • Full apartment cleaning service covers the specific areas in your place, that includes a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living and dining area
  • Cleaning an apartment before moving in
  • One-time apartment cleaning
  • Apartment deep cleaning

Things To Look Out For Before You Hire A House Cleaning Service

1. Get Referrals from Family & Friends

Start by telling friends and family you need a cleaning service– referrals give you an inside view about a company, not just what they say on their webpage (let's face it, a business can write anything). Companies may make themselves sound incredible, trustworthy, and experienced, but a suggestion from a friend or family member can paint a different image and bring more weight.

2. Bonding, Insurance & Workers Compensation

Is the company financially capable of covering the costs of any damage to your house or any injuries that arise on your property? You may be responsible for money, collateral damage, or an injured worker if they don't have this coverage. If you inquire, an organization should be able to inform you if they have this coverage and supply you with copies of their policies.

3. Experience & Affiliations

How long has the firm been in operation? Are there any certificates, accreditations, or affiliations with specialist organizations that the corporation has received? These are things you should look out for because it reassures you that an organization is trustworthy and cares for its credibility.

4. Service Offerings

Is the business open for customized requests or does it have a fixed service? Inquire about the quality of support provided depending on what you want to be done. If you can customize it and hire someone to come in and check tasks off your to-do list and if you can get the same service per time regardless of what you want to be done, or whether you can do a mix of the two. Companies have a wide range of options; there is no right or wrong choice; you just need to find what best fits your desires and lifestyle.

5. Cleaning Materials

Is it necessary for you to use your cleaning supplies and equipment, or does the company use their own? Note that it is ideal for a mop to be used in one house only, otherwise, the filth from house A would transfer to house B.

Furthermore, each home has its own set of specifications, including dogs, people, finishes, and so on. Having the right materials and equipment on each surface is important and it is preferable to have your own to prevent cross-contamination and possible damage to surfaces.

6. Terms and Conditions

Find out what the cancellation and change policies are for the company. This procedure should be in effect so you don't get hit with any unwanted costs. Many businesses charge a cancellation fee because rescheduling cleaners at the last minute can be difficult, and the corporation must compensate them for their lost wages. So, if you know this information, you can better plan and prepare for any scheduling issues.

How does commercial and residential cleaning service differ?

A residential cleaning service specializes in cleaning your home. Services include cleaning of kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and other rooms. A commercial cleaning service cleans offices, retail stores, and other businesses. Services include cleaning offices, bathrooms, common areas and emptying trash. The main difference between commercial and residential cleaning is the depth of cleaning. Think of commercial cleaning services as a daily maintenance routine for business, while residential cleaning services are more detailed and comprehensive.

What’s the difference between regular cleaning and deep house cleaning services?

Deep house cleaning services are different from regular cleaning because it covers an area that is not traditionally cleaned by regular cleaning. Most regular cleaning takes around 2-3 hours, while a deep house cleaning service of the same apartment size will take 3 - 12 hours.

Professional house cleaning service VS a cleaning person

Professional housekeeping services employ people to do the job and you won't necessarily have the same people. You must speak with their manager if you need additional services. A cleaning person works for you. The same person comes and you can build trust with that person. When you want something else done, you talk with them.


House cleaning services can help you get your home cleaned and save you time to do other things. There are so many things you need to look out for before you choose a house cleaning service company. Reading reviews is one of those things. Reviews will help you learn about the different aspects of these companies and know which one to choose.

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