Online Reviews and The Food and Beverage Industry

Online Reviews and The Food and Beverage Industry
Food and Drinks

From the ancient, medieval times, down to the modern age, food and beverages have always been a constant. What's different now is the way it's produced, processed, and packaged. Food and drinks generally go hand in hand. So, if you love good food, you'll also enjoy having good drinks to gulp down.
In this article, we'll be taking a look at the food and beverage industry, the basics inherent, and how online reviews are changing the narrative these days. We're buzzing about this, and we're sure you are too!

An Introduction to Food and Beverages

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of what this industry entails, it would be in our readers' best interest to have a conceptualization of the terms food and beverages.
According to Wikipedia, food, in simple terms, is defined as any substance consumed to aid nutrition in an organism. Typically, these substances have plant, fungal, or animal origin, made up of several nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins.

Beverages, on the other hand, are liquids made for human consumption. Drinks can include water, coffee, fruit juices, and soft drinks. Additionally, alcoholic drinks such as Liquor, wine and beer, have been an integral part of human lives since time immemorial. Besides relieving thirst, drinks also play a crucial role in human culture. While you might find yourself at an event with no food served, it’s impossible for drinks to be lacking.
Basically, food and drinks are basic necessities of life, and fortunately there are numerous Food and Beverage companies in Canada where you can visit for a wide variety of related products and services. And at advocate we not only provide an overview of these companies but also showcase real customer reviews and experiences to help you out.

The Impact of Online Reviews on the Food and Beverage Industry

Advertisements made by these F&B companies are designed to show the companies in the best possible light. So, simply going by how the company is promoted or what sales pitches they put out there isn't enough.
Every company has positive and negative aspects, and you can make the right decision only when you know both sides. Here's where reviews come in. Before making that purchase decision on what food to order for a gathering with friends, or which drinks to get and where to get them, it is important to find out what other customers have to say about the company.

Reviews have a huge impact on consumers' decisions but they also influence the online companies themselves. Just as a positive review lets the company know what food and beverage products or services are making the customer happy, a complaint or negative feedback also shows what aspects are not so appealing.

Reviews Keep Companies Evolving

It's pretty straightforward, really. The market is continuously changing to meet the needs of consumers. Based on the reviews gotten from the customer base, companies make some improvements or, sometimes, drastic changes to their offerings over time. Whether as a move towards expansion, a future enhancement, or something to cut back on, feedback sets the tone for a business's next move.

In the long term, the customers reap the most benefits because you get what you want, when you want it, and in the best possible way. And considering the importance of nutrition, it's pertinent to go for top quality.
So, let's say you've gone through numeroUS-Reviews and are still undecided about where to go for a cozy dinner in Vancouver or Toronto. Don’t worry; we've got another feature dedicated to restaurants and their online reviews.

Basic Processes of Food Delivery Service

Looking to add to your knowledge bank on what food and beverage companies entail? It’s only right to be well-informed about what you ingest.
For starters, it's pertinent to note that this industry is a total of cafes, restaurants, fast-food outlets, food production operations, food delivery services, and so many more. Whichever online site you choose to patronize they generally tend to follow four basic steps:

  • Preparing
  • Packaging
  • Transporting
  • Foodservice


Well, the bulk of this process begins from the designated factory. Like the manufacturing process, packaging involves physical labor and individuals who carry out their duties in shifts. To make packaging uniform across the board, workers are expected to follow various food sanitation and safety guidelines.
There are also basic rules of packaging like making sure the package size and shape are practical to fit shelves present in various shopping malls and marts.


In the food and beverages industry, preparation is an integral part of the process. For context, preparing could include simple activities like making juices, coffee, sandwiches, or pies. It could also include more professional tasks like the fermentation and brewing of wine and beer. We explained the differences between wine and beer in another article.
Although some jobs require some form of education, most preparation jobs do not as you can easily learn skills as you go on. However, the best companies have expertly trained professionals like a chief chef or the food and beverage manager. To promote hygiene, the staff members may also undergo a 10-hour online class to get a Food Handler Training Certificate.


Delivery here simply refers to the transport medium in which food is taken to the point of sale, usually at restaurants or cafes.


Service of food is the summation of all the other three processes combined. Serving usually takes place behind a counter at fast-food outlets, cafes, or restaurants. Alternatively, service can take place in front of your home. For the latter, you can check out our post on what to look out for in a food delivery service.
Certified food service workers should possess basic work skills like patience, memory, organization, and the ability to handle the arithmetic side of service when it comes to handling real cash. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to start racking your brains with math because the food service worker is aloof.

How About The Latest Trends?

With the digital age advent, things are changing. This is evident not just in the method of handling operations within the industry but also in the general perception of the food & drinks themselves. And of course, as with every innovation, the goal is to make products and services better and with improved convenience. Below are some of the latest trends:

Single Dish Restaurants

Otherwise called One Dish Wonder, ODW, these eateries are specialized in serving one kind of dish. Burger spots, Shawarma, or sandwich bars are some of the famous options that have got people talking. They are often quick-service kiosks where you can grab and enjoy on the go.
When rushing off to work or to school, or maybe during the short break you have in between, single-dish restaurants are the top destination.


It sounds like nothing fancy, right? On the contrary, you'd be surprised at how the industry has evolved in promoting homemade dishes. Several companies are available that deliver individual ingredients in a package with instructions on how to prepare the dish at home. They aren't supermarkets; they are Meal Recipe Box Services. Hence, if you've got a passion for cooking, you don't have to settle for ready-made F&B solutions. You can keep the fire burning by patronizing Meal Recipe Box Services in Canada.

The best part is you'll be paying less than you would at a restaurant, for instance.
You can also buy smaller packages for one or two portions or family-sized packages for larger numbers of people.

Exotic Foods, Wine and Beer

Indian street food, Korean BBQ shops, and Italian cuisine are making waves around the world, and Canada isn't left out. These dishes showcase a diverse culinary landscape than what you're probably used to. From aromatic spices to vegetables and fruits, there's a mix of delicacies to send your taste buds into a frenzy. There are several healthy options, but you can expect a good amount of grease too. Hungry for some Tandoori Chicken or some Spicy Lamb Burritos, why not look at the restaurants with exotic dishes.
This trend has seen people and companies around the world opening up to inspiration from external influences. Although local dishes are great, there is rich cuisine to be discovered in various other countries, and this one more step in promoting globalization.

Cashless Payments

Here's a trend that's also making its way into the F&B industry. With the increase in mobile banking, food and beverage companies are providing cashless payment gateways. Using PIN-less card contact, you can buy meals swiftly and without hassle. It is even made easier through online webshops. You simply order online and pay virtually. Then you can make your way to the land-based store and pick up what you ordered.
Remember, you're what you eat! So make use of Allreviews today to get honest reviews concerning the most popular food and beverage companies present in Canada.

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