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    Edge Computing is revolutionizing data consumption, storage, and processing. With this conversation dominating the industry, let's not forget the most important consideration – choosing the right platform to enable digital transformation. According to reports, "For most, re-architecting applications to run some workloads at the edge and some in the cloud will not be insignificant. The right platform must be in place to make this as simple as possible. However, only a limited number of edge platforms are available in the online space today. STACKPATH is an edge platform that maintains to support early adopter use cases within media and gaming, with a longer-term view to AdTech and IoT use cases. We have not had a direct experience with them before, and as such are not in the best position to say if they can get you covered or not.

    With its head office in Dallas, United States, STACKPATH is an edge computing platform that claims to provide both infrastructures as a service and applications, running closer to end-users and devices than the exact solutions from hyper-scale, core cloud providers. They claim to operate high-performance, robust edge locations in the heart of major markets worldwide, connected with a private network backbone and end-users/devices through each region's top providers, all integrated and automated by an advanced orchestration engine. STACKPATH also maintains to believe that media and gaming will be the first set of users to adopt edge computing and highlight use cases around video delivery and transcoding, dynamic ad insertion, and advertising analytics. We suggest you visit the customer reviews section of STACKPATH here to learn more about the company and its assortment of products and services.

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    STACKPATH is a cloud computing and services provider that puts its locations in densely populated markets. They offer CDN, ADN, and WAF applications. STACKPATH alleges its key focus is to ensure developers have complete flexibility around their deployment model at the edge. Instead of offering serverless deployments only (where developers rely on a third party to manage and assign compute resources to execute their code), STACKPATH claims that they can also support container and virtual machine deployments. This strategy will likely enable them to focus on a broader range of use cases in the future. They highlighted IoT and distributed edge architecture for blockchain use cases and offered specialized computing such as GPUs (graphic processing units) at the edge as part of their future ambitions. Some of STACKPATH's products include Virtual Machines, Containers, WAF, CDN, Origin Shield, Serverless Scripting, and some solutions like Gaming, Media, and Entertainment.

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