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    Most hotels that you can spend a night or a holiday at have quite strict rules of what you can and cannot do, what they will and will not offer and what you can do and what is and is not included in the price. But what if you want a bit more choice and leniency? Radisson RED offers hotel facilities and state that you are the one in charge. But is this the best place to go to? Or the best place to go to for your situation and for what you want? Will they offer you good customer service? That is what customers that have already stayed at Radisson Red can tell you. Read their customer reviews with their experiences, ratings, opinions and other comments and remarks These reviews can inform you if Radisson RED is the right place to spend a night or holiday at.

    About Radisson Red

    Radisson RED is a hotel chain. They are a part of the Carlson Redizor Hotel Group. Since they only opened up their first hotel in April 2016, they are a relatively new player on the market. Their first hotel was opened in Brussels and was followed by a second one in Minneapolis in November 2016. They are a hotel chain of full service hotels. They believe that you should be the one in charge. That is why they offer keyless entry, high speeds WiFi and the possibility of ordering via an app. They offer a OUIBar + KTCHN where you can go to for foods, drinks or just for some social activities and conversation. And they have an Events & Game studio. As for hotel itself, Radisson RED wants to be bold and eclectic. They even use art in their architecture. And you can connect your device to the TV in your room so you won’t have to miss out on watching your favourite shows.

    A look at Redisson RED in Brussels

    Services of Radisson RED

    You can book online via their website or via their app. Just fill in your desired details. If you have any question or problem, you can contact them via email, but you can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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    Have you already spend a night or holiday at Raddison RED? In that case, would you be willing to share with us your thoughts on this company? Are the rooms clean? Are the hotels hospitable and as easy and serviceable as they promise to be? And what can you tell us about the customer service that this hotel chain offers? Do they actually help you when you approach them with a compliment or complaint? Or was your holiday spoiled by lousy services? Let us know by leaving a customer review with your opinion, rating, review, experience and anything else you want off your chest about this company. Your review can help others to decide whether their next stay might be at a Radisson Hotel or if they should better avoid it.

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    This hotel is extremely different from others, my whole stay in Radisson was memorable. there are so many things to do and services that I got! this hotel has studios where you can do fun, bars, amazing food and drinks and much more. highly recommended if you are bored with your ordinary hotels.

    By: Jayden carr27-07-2017
    Would buy here again

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