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    If you want to watch TV, use a phone or use the internet, you will need at least some kind of telecom provider. But which one is the cheapest? And which one offers the best service and reception? And which of these values is more important for you? When it comes to prices, it’s mostly not that hard to find out which one you should choose. All you need to do is to check some website and select the cheapest. But is the cheapest also the best? Websites are mostly not clear about that. John Lewis Broadband is one of the companies that you can choose. But do they offer good quality services and is their customer service the way you would like them to be? That is what customers that have already taken out a subscription at John Lewis Broadband can tell you. Read their customer reviews with their experience, opinion and more to find out whether John Lewis Broadband is the kind of company that you want to connect yout TV, Phone and/or computer with.

    About John Lewis Broadband

    John Lewis Broadband is a telecom company. They are a part of the John Lewis partnership, a partnership that was founded by John Lewis (who else?) in London in 1864. They offer telecom services, internet, TV channels and other things for your mobile phone, TV, Smart TV, computer, laptop, tablet, Smarphone or other device. You can choose between an Unlimited Broadband and Phone package that offers 17MB speed, a Fibre Broadband and Phone package that offers 38MG speed, and a Fibre Extra Broadband and phone package that offers as much as 76MB speed. All packages include Line rental, a 12 month contract and unlimited usage.

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    If you have a question or problem, they offer a 24/7 customer support service that is free of costs within Canadia. But if you want you can also contact us via an online contact form that you can fill in.

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    Do you already have a subscription to John Lewis Broadband? Than you might be able to tell us about this company and the services that it offers. Can you receive all the channels that they promised you? What is the reception of your landline phone or mobile phone like? Have you ever encountered any problems? And how did the customer services of John Lewis Broadband handle your complaint? Let us know by leaving a customer review with your experience, opinion and all the other comments that you want to share with others about this telecom company. Your reviews can help others to decide whether they want to take out a subscription at John Lewis Broadband or not.

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    John Lewis Broadband
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    Great services

    I have been using their services for last few months and My experience is going really great. Having a smart Tv is the total waste if you cant use their features complete. my previous network was too slow and the services were poor that's why i was unable to use any services of my smart tv. after changing my broadband, i am really happy. now i can use all features without getting interrupted with any speed error. John Lewis is really helpful, they are providing fast seed in their broadbands at affordable price.

    By: Henly 07-11-2017
    Would buy here again

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