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    If you do business with people from all over the world, chances are that you will make use of a satellite connection. If you do, you will probably want a clear connection that proper, steady services. But at which company do you have the best chance to find that? Hughes is one of the companies that offer satellite services. But are they the best? That is what other customers with hands-on experience can tell you. Read their reviews with their experience, opinion and more to find out if Hughes is the right company to connect you to the other side of the world.

    About Hughes

    Hughes is the world´s leader when it comes to domestic and business satellite broadband services. They are part of Hughes Network Services and used by said company to provide satellite internet access. They offer satalite network services for residential use and business use, but they also lend their services to the government and its defence. HughesNet has more than 1 million active users within the US. They offer a worldwide reach of their network services, which means that they can be accessed from all over the world. Two of the most advanced satellite systems that they are offering are Hughes HN and HX. These two systems together cover as much as North America, Europe, Canadia and Brazil. Their services include IP services, video conferencing, broadband internet access, cellular backhaul, communications on the move, VoIP telephony, private IP for corporate intranet and multitask data delivery. and many more.

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    Services of Hughes

    If you encounter any problems with their satellite services, you can contact them. They have an elaborate online contact form that you can fill in. If you rather speak to someone directly, you can also opt to give them a call by the number that is posted on their website. And you can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, where you can stay posted on their latest news.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Hughes

    Do you already have experience with services of Hughes? Maybe you make use of their satellite services at home or at your work. If so, you might be able to tell us what you think about this company and the services that is offers. What can you say about the reception that is offered by the satellite connection that is offered by this company? During a video conference, can you see and hear the other people clearly, or is the reception so bad that you can barely hear the other person speak? And how does Hughes treat you when you approach them with a complaint? Let us know by leaving a customer review with your opinion, experience and rating of this company. Others can benefit from your review when they are deciding which company is the best choice.

    Customer reviews of Hughes. Read experiences, compliments and complaints about this provider of satellite broadband and satellite services, HN, HX and more

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    Good but require improvements

    I was looking for an satellite connections for my office. My previous connection was too expensive and work not that great. I was really tensed to get new connection.
    Then I started using Hughes. I must say this one is better in services and price but still I think some improvements they need to make it best . still. Its good to try.

    By: Kim24-10-2017
    Would buy here again

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