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    If you’re in a relationship, chances are that sooner or later you will get to the point of having sex. Unfortunately, sex is not without its risks. And there might be a time when you want to have yourself tested for sexually transmitted infections. But you don’t want just everyone to touch the intimate parts of your body. You want the doctors to be discreet and professional. So where can you go to? One of the places that offers these kinds of tests is The Gum Clinic. But how will they treat you there? Can you be sure that the result of the test is dependable? And what will they do if something goes wrong? These are things that you can best hear from people that have already been to The Gum Clinic. Their experiences and opinions can help you to get an idea of what you can expect from the staff at The Gum Clinic.

    About The Gum Clinic

    The Gum Clinic is a clinic that performs STD tests. They are a laboratory based clinic for sexual health checks. They believe that visiting a sexual health clinic and letting them perform these kind of tests and examinations on you is already award enough. Lots of people feel awkward even embarrassed. Therefore they want to comfort you by making their clinic as accessible as possible. They offer STI tests kits that you can order from their website and perform at home. They offer tests for gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, herpes, HIV, syphilis, gardnerella, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, mycoplasma and many others. They also provide combinations of multiple infections.

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    Services of The Gum Clinic

    You can do that yourself at home, so you will avoid most of the discomfort that comes with visiting a physical clinic. The tests and examinations that they provide include urine and swab analysis. As mentioned above, The Gum Clinic provide do-it-yourself STD and STI tests. You can order the tests from their website, do them at home, and send the sample or samples back to the laboratory. Once the laboratory has completed the analysis, you can login to see your result. In case of a positive result, they offer free treatment. You can also contact the customer service of The Gum Clinic. On their website, they have an online form that you can fill in.

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    Have you ever ordered a STD or SIT test at The Gum Clinic? Then we would like to know what your experience was like. Did you have to wait long for your test to arrive? How convenient was this way of testing yourself? Did it spare you the embarrassment of having someone examining your body? And what is your opinion on the treatment that they provided? Please write your own customer review and leave it here, at BritianReviews, were potential customers can read your opinion and experience. That way, they can make their own decision about ordering a test at The Gum Clinic or go to a physical clinic after all.

    How thorough are the STD tests of The Gum Clinic? Does their way of testing yourself at home really work? Read reviews about this STI health clinic

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