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    Passwords are sets of letters, numbers, and special symbols used to verify a user trying to gain access to a website. They are necessary to prevent unauthorized access. When setting up a password one needs to pay close attention in order not to forget but in most cases, most passwords are difficult to recover when forgotten. Over the years, some software programs like Google manager have been created to help computer users remember their password in cases where it is forgotten. RoboForm is a company that focuses on reducing the burdens associated with passwords. The company asserts to providing and becoming one the world’s reliable automated saving and login technology for passwords.

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    RoboForm is an online platform that helps tackle the troubles faced with passwords. The company was established by Sober Systems in 1999, in 2000, it was launched for public use. Over the years, the website was continually updated, In 2009, RoboForm's first business version was launched and by 2010, RoboForm Everywhere premium cross-platform subscription service was made available for individuals. By 2015, RoboForm re-launched its business version making it a software service solution. Version 8 was updated and released in 2017 turning the website into a premium model for customers and in the same year. They claim to have made it possible for customers to share their subscription with four different members to their plan. According to the founders of the company, RoboForm is on a mission to give individuals and companies the power to safely and conveniently access while managing their data. We suggest you read honest customer reviews of RoboForm here to learn more about the company.

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    RoboForm claims to reduce inconvenience related to passwords with just one click passwords are been securely saved and automatically log’s users in by doing so reduce stress and saves time. The services of RoboForm are available on iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Microsoft Edge, Android, and every other main browser. RoboForm says it has a password generator that aids in generating strong, genuine, and unique passwords for its users. In the bid to protect its user's data, they argued to use AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2SHA-256 to help intensify verification access to accounts. The company offers business services on any browser or platform, the arrays of RoboForm files are logins to applications, logins to websites, identities, custom forms, bookmarks, safe notes, and contacts. They also run a 24 hours email, live phone support, and live chat. RoboForm offers a free password generator, password audit, fills forms, and unlimited logins for her subscribers. Payment of subscription can be made with MasterCards, PayPal, American Express card and Visa cards.

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