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    What do you know about eye tracking? Eye-tracking simply refers to a sensor technology that allows a computer or other electronic device to know where a person is looking at. Eye trackers can detect the presence, attention, and focus of the person using them. An eye tracker provides unique insights into human behaviour and conditions, digitalizing the way people communicate with machines and devices, providing a chance for corporations to develop innovative solutions and applications. How do eye trackers work? Eye trackers consist of cameras, projectors, and algorithms. The projectors in the device create data of near-infrared light on the eyes and the cameras take high-resolution of the user’s eyes and the patterns. There are three major parts of the eye-tracking system; custom designated sensors, advanced algorithms, and user-oriented applications. The custom designated sensors are designed to be a high-performance sensor that consists of custom-designed projects, image sensors, and algorithms that are embedded with algorithms. Algorithms are utilized to interpret the image stream generated by the sensors. Furthermore, user-oriented applications are used to create multitudinous ways that technology can be utilized. There are various advantages of using eye-tracking technology. First, it increases computing and resource proficiency. It also helps to make technology more intuitive. The usage of eye trackers improves and promotes a better user experience and performance in playing games. There are tons of companies throughout the world that specialize in the creation of eye-tracking technology. tobii is one such privately held company that argues to mainly deal with the development of eye trackers and other high-end technology products. Are you looking forward to patronizing the company soon? Are you sceptical about whether tobii can handle your needs or not? If you gave an affirmative answer to any of these questions, then you should continue reading.

    About tobii
    tobii was founded in 2001 and is located in Stockholm, Sweden. The company claims to mainly specialize in creating eye trackers, and other innovative technology products and solutions. The company claims that its ambition is to make eye tracking a standard in computer, tablets, cars, and other everyday devices. Tobii maintains its deep interest in making people’s lives easier by building advanced technologies. Reading independent customer reviews of tobii here is one such way to learn more about the company and its assortment of products and services.

    Products and services of tobii
    The tobii group has three major business units: tobii Dynavox, tobii Pro, and tobii Tech. tobii Dynavox offers assistive technologies that can help individuals with disabilities and special needs communicate better. tobii Pro offers eye-tracking solutions for understanding human behaviour. The business avows to handles high-performance hardware systems- desktop and wearable, cloud, software, and consulting services. tobii Tech provides products such as VR and AR products, PCs and laptops, Eye Tracker 5L, and so on. The company also claims to offer delivery services.

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