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    Proper, nutritious food is important for us, but it is just as important for your dog. Your four-legged friend and loyal companion deserves the best food, supplements and treats. But where can you get them? One of the companies that offers pet food is Pooch & Mutt. But what kind of food do they offer? What kind of ingredients to they use? How long will it take for them to deliver your order? Will your pet even like the food? And what kind of customer service will they provide if you, for some reason, are not completely satisfied? Will they stay friendly and helpful if you have a complaint? Before you decide to try out their product based on a whim, read reviews written by real customers of Pooch & Mutt to find out what kind of shop this really is. Their experiences and opinions can help you to find out if Pooch & Mutt might be a good food supplier for your dog.

    About Pooch & Mutt

    Pooch & Mutt is a company that sells dog food. They were worried about the dog food business because the people and confectionery companies who make most of the pet food are the same people and companies that are also behind the epidemic of children’s obesity. They believe there is no real choice in pet food. Therefore, they offer a range of alternative for the mainstream pet food that you can buy in every supermarket. Pooch & Mutt sells, for instance, grain-free dog food. Grain is a product that has little nutritional value for dogs, but is used in great qualities as a filler product in a lot of mainstream pet food. Their grain-free dog food provides a healthy alternative filled with healthy ingredients. They also provide grain-free snacks and treats that you can give to your dog when he or she deserves something extra. And they have a range of healthy supplements, chews and tubes of treats.

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    Services of Pooch & Mutt

    All the dog food on Pooch & Mutt’s website can be ordered online. You can order a single bag, tube or sack, but you can also opt to buy a pocket pack or bundle. Pooch & Mutt will send the item or items that you can right to your home via their delivery service. They provide free shipping on the first order that you place after signing up for their online newsletter. Pooch & Mutt also has a customer service that you can contact if you run into any problems or complaints.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Pooch & Mutt

    Do you already feed your dog food from Pooch & Mutt? Then you might be able and willing to tell us what you think about this brand of dog food. How easy was the ordering process? Did it take long for Pooch & Mutt to deliver the grain-free treats to your home? Does your dog like Pooch & Mutt’s dog food? And what is your opinion on their customer service department? Write a customer review and don’t hesitate to tell us all about it.

    How does your dog like the dog food from Pooch & Mutt? Read customer reviews about this healthy, grain-free alternative for dog food and dog treats.

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