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    Generally, living in good health is paramount to a wealthy living. As good health is a state of freedom from physiological illness, diseases or malfunctions. While trying to live healthily, one shouldn't forget to take care of the dentition. Dental care is the act of maintaining healthy teeth which includes — oral hygiene such as keeping the teeth as well as the tongue clean, oral surgery and dentistry; where professional oral hygiene and dental surgery is done. Without proper dental hygiene, bacterial lead to dental infections, tooth decay, inflammation, gum diseases. So it is highly advisable and recommended by a dentist that we take care of our teeth, at least by brushing twice daily. opencare asserts to be a company that has grafted the interest of dental care in their hearts hence rendering professional dental care. How true is this claim?

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    The founding fathers of opencare are Alex Chyrtsik, Nikolai Bratkovski and Cameron Howieson, 2012, with its headquarters at San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US. opencare is a privately owned profit-making company that provides dental care for its users. The company claims to untangle health care services by ultimately making their services accessible, approachable, comfortable and convenient. They claim to believe preventive care is the best and trusted route to optimal health, hence creating access to preventative health practitioners. We have not had a direct experience with them, and as such are not in the best position to say if they can get you covered or not. You should read independent customer reviews of opencare here to know if their services are tailored to your tastes.

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    Opencare claims its dental healthcare discovery services are designed to connect patients to dental care. They claim the availability of a marketplace that allows patients to search for dentists and schedule appointments. They also claim to offer simplified interactions between patients and providers through streamlined appointments booking services for an easy process for patients. opencare asserts to offer dental care insurance which has 3 categories: preventative, basic and major. Preventative care entails twice-annual cleaning, x-rays and check-ups which can be within a period of 6 to 12 months. Basic procedures like dentures, silver fillings or root canals are claimed to be 80% covered. Their payment option is any valid credit card and a refund might span an average time of 5-10 business days when an appointment is cancelled. The company claims to offer expert advice via their blog on how their clients can get the best experience of their investment and value for money.

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