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    Clothes are essential for protection and to create a statement of personal style. Throughout the lifetime of a modern human being, an almost unlimited amount of clothing items are used. Bay clothing are in sizes as the babies themselves do not have a uniform size, and as they grow, through the various stages of life, humans amass clothes – for school, parties, play, sports, underwear, loungewear, etc. Over time, as technology made it even easier yet to buy clothes at ridiculously cheap prices, thanks to mass production and ready-to-wear lines, the problem of waste management arose, as a large amount of these items end up in landfills, constituting dangers to the environment and the balance of life in the area. What’s more, many of the fabrics are made from non-biodegradable materials, which gives it a longer timeframe for decomposition that makes such items toxic when improperly disposed of. Seeing the damage that an essential commodity like clothes can cause to man and the planet, many concerns began to pay attention to their products and by-products to ensure that the end-materials or waste generated does not harm the environment. One of such concerns is acclaimed to be mr price.

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    Founded in 1985 in Durban, South Africa, mr price is a clothing brand that claims to offer affordable but fashionable items to stores across Africa and throughout the world. The company opened its online store in 2012 and avers to have been offering fashion, sportswear and homeware to the public. Beyond business, the company claims to be involved in various sustainability initiatives, employing thousands of disadvantaged youths and South African learners. mr price also adduces to be environmentally conscious in its sourcing and retail processes. We suggest that you read unsolicited customer reviews of mr price left by past and existing customers here before you decide to patronize them.

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    The categories of products offered by mr price include ladies’ dresses, trousers, tunics, jumpsuits, fashion tops, screen tees, tops and blouses, skirts, jackets, knitwear, activewear, joggers, activewear, denim jeans, sleepwear, underwear, shapewear, socks and hosiery, maternity wear, among several others. The company also has a shoe department that retails boots, sneakers, heels, wedges, sandals, slides, mules, comfort shoes, lace-up and slippers, as well as accessories such as reading glasses. The men’s department focuses on products such as vests, golfers, shirts, jackets, chino pants, pants, joggers, denim jeans, activewear and underwear. Children’s clothing is available according to different ages. mr price also offers services such as Staycations and retails of Pet products, care and repair, tech and gadgets, luggage and travel, gift wrapping, water bottle and lunch boxes, sweets, etc.

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