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    Footwear is worn mainly to protect and complement our dressing, it helps to bring out the beauty in whatever we're putting on. There are different types of footwear and they serve different purposes. Some of them are sandals, slippers and shoes, and we wear them both outdoor and indoor. Even when we are at home when we walk inside our homes, go to the toilet, kitchen and so on, we definitely need to make use of footwear in order to protect our feet. Footwear does not only protect us when we go out that's why it should also be used inside our homes and environment because there might be some harmful or sharp objects that might not be easily noticeable. With our slippers on, we reduce the risk of getting injured by any of them. Also, when going out, whether for a ceremony, to work, or for sports activities, there are different varieties of footwear that is suitable for each purpose. They've been designed in such a way that we'll feel comfortable and carry out the type of activity we want with ease andconfidence. When going for sporting activities, it's definitely not advisable for us to put on heels because it's not appropriate footwear for any sports activity we're going for. Footwear like sneakers, boots are the types that can make us feel at ease when sporting. Therefore, there's a need for us to be able to identify and choose the type of footwear that matches the activity we want to do. The way we dress and comport ourselves will make people respect us more and it'll also improve our self-confidence, and when this is improved, we feel happier and we're able to work better. Lems is one of the various companies that offer a wide variety of footwear.

    About Lems
    Lems is a footwear manufacturing company that was established by Andrew Rademacher. He was said to have studied shoe-fitting, pattern making, and last construction so that he would be able to design his shoes to fit like no other in the market. Lems released its first product in September 2011 which was named " the primal ". Andrew also asserts that his mission is to make naturally-fitting footwear that allows our feet the freedom to be just as nature intended. We suggest you read honest customer reviews of Lems here before considering visiting their website.

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    Lems avers to offer a range of footwear which includes boulder boots, chukka, mesa, trailhead, nine2five, primal 2, and so on. Their products are said to be made available for both men and women. Apart from the footwear Lems offers, the company also offers vegan products. The company also offer delivery services.

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