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    The 21st century comes with a lot of advantages, a higher standard of living, and even the surpassing of some of the old limitations of humanity such as air travel and space travel. However, all these achievements came at the cost of the environment. Many people may not know it, but some of the inventions and achievements of man has caused extensive damage to the environment. From the water pollution caused by industrial waste, the land pollution caused by radioactive waste and other corrosive substances that are dumped in some landfills, to the air pollution caused by our factories and the fumes that the exhaust pipes of our petrol vehicles release to the atmosphere; you would find out that a lot of our inventions cause constant damage to the environment as we use it. Another example is the pile-up of plastic waste around us. A good majority of the plastic substances we use, which comes in the form of plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic plates, and other plastic substances cannot be destroyed. They are not biodegradable, neither are they reusable after they have been cast in a particular shape. As such, these plastic items are found littering our landfills, our nearby water bodies, and some have even been found adrift as far as the Antarctic. To mitigate this rising crisis, a lot of environmental protection organizations have advised businesses, and consumers to use recyclable replacements for these plastics, or to utilize other eco-friendly options. For those individuals that love to buy plastic water bottles of pure water, LARQ affirms that they have developed a more environmentally friendly alternative.

    About LARQ
    LARQ is a company that came into existence as a result of a vision to allow people to drink pure water more sustainably, rather than relying on disposable plastic water bottles. This company produces water bottles that they avow uses their patented technology, PureVis to eradicate up to 99.9999% of the harmful bacteria, bio-contaminants, and bacteria inside water. Apart from their offer of a sustainable method to obtain pure water, LARQ professes that they are part of other environmental protection efforts like Planet Network. You should read independent customer reviews of LARQ here to verify these claims.

    Products, and Services of LARQ
    LARQ water bottles are water bottles that are designed to use UV-C LED technology to purify the water inside the bottle, and this is said to allow for on-the-go water purification. These battles are available in various designs such as the LARQ bottle PureVis, and the LARQ bottle movement PureVis. The LARQ Bottle PureVis is designed to keep the water inside it hot or chilled just like when it was originally poured in, while the LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis is lightweight and uninsulated. This digital water purification process uses a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery to power the UV-C LED that does the actual water purification. The lithium-polymer battery is charged via a Micro-USB port and is said to last for a month on just one charge. LARQ ships its products to most of the countries in Europe, and other countries worldwide.

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