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    Do you get stressed during working hours? How do you deal with your stress? Do you take a deep breath for a few minutes, and then let out all the stress you feel in an exhale? Or maybe you just request for a smoke break when you feel like you can’t handle it anymore. A lot of employees deal with their work-related stress in a variety of ways, and everyone chooses a method that they believe works for them. But, sometimes most of these methods cease to work, or they get a reduction in their overall effectiveness, and this has led many employees to look for new ways to handle the stress that comes with the job. Yoga works for many people, while some others prefer to go for stress relieving massage sessions during the weekends. But, the problem here is that most of these methods require the individual to go out of work, something which is not possible for many workers. So, a majority of these individuals would love to get a method that they can use while they are on the job. Imprint is a stress release product that professes to have the capability to relieve stress for workers that are on a job.

    About Imprint
    Manufactured and designed by Sublime Marketing Group, Imprint is an anti-fatigue comfort mat. Created in 2006, the Imprint comfort mat is one that was released into the consumer market to be used by commercial business places and homeowners. The team behind the design of the Imprint comfort mat has declared that this product was made with quality materials, and also boasts of an eco-friendly design. Their comfort mats have been affirmed to be Phthalate-free, and Formaldehyde free. It is also said to be free from heavy metals, and also conforms to European hazardous safety standards. If you are sceptical about the ability of this product, you can take a look at the independent customer reviews of Imprint dropped here by individuals that have used this product to allay your fears.

    Products, and Services of Imprint
    As a company that is allegedly interested in helping consumers maintain a healthy lifestyle, Sublime Marketing Group states that their Imprint comfort mats are suitable for individuals that suffer from leg pains, and back pains. The Imprint is available as either the Cumulus9 or the CumulusPro. The Cumulus9 is designed with a proprietary multi-core technology and boasts of a patented multilayer cushioning technology, which is believed to be suitable for the relief of leg, foot, and back discomfort. Meanwhile, the CumulusPro is designed with the patented cushion-core technology, and a one-piece polyurethane construction is said to be able to withstand the rigours of the workplace or the home. The Imprint comfort mat is offered with a lifetime warranty and comes in a variety of colours and designs. This product can be shipped to any area in the United States.

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