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    Blood flow restriction training or Occlusion Training is a workout strategy whereby a resistance workout or aerobic workout is conducted whilst an Occlusion Cuff is applied to the proximal characteristic of the muscle. Fit Cuffs boost to be a one size fits all state of the art occlusion training/blood flow restriction company. But how true is their claim? Do they have a good track record? Let’s find out

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    Fit Cuffs boost to be a one size fits all state of the art occlusion training/blood flow restriction (BFR) training device companies headquartered in Denmark. They claim their product selection is designed for effective, safe and convenient BFR with the scope of optimal results from Prehab to Rehab Performance and maintenance engineered with high standards. The company profess its primary goal is to create products for Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training that is effective, safe and convenient to use for all people regardless of profession. Fit Cuffs argued strive to implement the most current Science in Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training to optimize their product selection while keeping it One-Size-Fits, so any client regardless of limb size, gender or age can experience the effectiveness of BFR. This means, “if clients are health care provider or trainer they only need one of our complete sets to service all of their clients” avowed Fit Cuffs. We have not had direct experience with them before, and as such can’t say if they can get you covered for sure. We, however, suggest you read honest customer reviews of Fit Cuffs here before considering visiting their website.

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    It is claimed that BFR and Fit cuffs have several benefits in Prehab as they help ease joint pain and even treat it by building strength and muscle mass when conventional strength training is not an option. This is especially relevant for everyone that is to undergo surgery or even in some cases to avoid surgery, in rehab, they help reduce time loss and accelerate return to sport. BFR help people get back to their favourite activities much sooner than expected compared to conventional rehab modalities. While injured or post-surgical, BFR allows individuals to become stronger and more resilient at a rapid rate. BFR enables an injured athlete to get back to play in only a fraction of the expected time as you can regain strength, muscle mass, aerobic and anaerobic fitness while injured, in performance, their combination help Improve sprint speed, the anaerobic and anaerobic capacity which is imperative for the uninjured athlete as a relevant add-on to conventional exercise and athletic training and in maintenance, they help elderly or athletes to sustain their daily activities and prevent injury in-season. BFR is the perfect tool when training and matches inhibit the athlete’s ability to train hard in the gym, wherever the goal is to sustain VO2max, muscle mass or strength.

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    We would like to learn all about your experience when you make use of any of the products or services Fits Cuffs offers and the results gotten from any of their BFR training. Are Fit Cuffs worth suggesting to your friends and colleagues? Are their personnel attendants friendly and dedicated as maintained on their website? Your feedback will be highly appreciated.

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