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    Being incontinent is already uncomfortable enough as it is, so if you have to use to functional underwear especially made for this problem, you will want it to be comfortable. So where is the best place to look for this kind of underwear? You will not find it at just any clothing shop. Maybe Confitex has what you are looking for. But do they really help? And can you expect good customer service? That is what other people that have already shopped at Confitex can tell you. Read their customer reviews with their experiences, opinions, complaints and other remarks to get a better view of this company. That way, you will know what to expect when dealing with them. Taking their reviews into account, you can easily decide whether Confitex is the right shop to find clothes for incontinence and bladder leakage.

    About Comfitex

    Comfitext is a company that offers underwear and other solutions for incontinence and bladder leakage, They believe no one should feel insecure or imprisoned by one frustrating problem and everyone has the right to feel beautiful and confident while being able to do the things we love most. Comfitex offers a three layer technology with an advanced fibre inner layer, a high absorbancy textile mid layer and a breathable, stretchable and waterproof outer layer. They have products for both men and women. They sell men’s brief shorts, full briefs and many more. They even have a collection of incontinence underwear that looks and feels almost the same as regular underwear.

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    Services of Confitex

    Because shopping for products that help with incontinence can be quite embarrassing, so they offer the option of ordering your underwear online. Your order will be delivered right to your home. If you have any question or problem before, during or after ordering, you can send them a message via an online form that you can fill in. You can also send them an email or call them on the telephone. And of course you can write to them and visit their physical shops in Brentwood.

    Compliments, Complaints or Tips for Comfitex

    Have you already shopped at Confitex before? If so, would you be willing to tell us what you think about this company and its underwear? Does their clothing really help you to feel more sure about yourself and to solve the annoying problem of leaking through your underwear and wetting your pants? Do they offer the perfect solution to this problem and do you want to compliment them on that? Or did they not solve your problem in the tiniest bit and are you looking for a place to complain because their customer service just won’t listen to a word you say? In these cases you can leave a review here, on AllReviews. Let us and others know, so potential customers will know what to expect before deciding to buy or not to buy at Comfitex.

    Does the underwear of Comfitext really help with incontinence and bladder leakage? Read customer reviews about this online shop for incontinence wear

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    Different yet awsome

    I never ever thought that i will ever be going to find Confitex like a website where i can be bought my perfect underwears which is so important for me. I am quite shy when it comes to buying underwear for me. that's why i dont spend too much time on checking quality or fabric when i shop in malls or market. most of the time, i buy stupid stuff.
    here i take my complete time and check everything so i can buy what i like not what shopkeeper want me to buy. also, they offer extremely comfortable underwears. i love the fabric, quality, price etc!

    By: Jenna07-11-2017
    Would buy here again

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