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    It is easy to find an excuse not to spend time outdoors. One can choose to focus on the bugs, the temperature, the many dangers of being bitten by a snake or any other poisonous rodent, or even the minor percentage of a risk of being involved in a rare/freak accident, like being hit by a tree that knocked down by lightning. But the truth is that if one wants to spend time outdoors, all of these won’t matter, because accidents do happen, even indoors. When compared with the number of positive benefits to the body, soul and mind, the imaginary but feasible risks might well be worth it, after all, what is life without risks? Being outdoors helps an individual to de-stress, removing such a person from situations and environments that act as a burden or that trigger negative emotions. Popular outdoor activities such as hiking, running, camping and skiing require a certain amount of physical activity that encourages fitness and helps the heart to keep in good condition, while mental and emotional conditions such as depression, anxiety, and panic can be abated when outdoors. Many readers might be thinking, “what is this writer on about? I go outdoors every day, on my way to work/ the store/ shopping”. But do you take the time to enjoy the sun on your face, or the smell of the grass in the air, or the feel of the snowflakes as it drops on your skin? Or do you rush, by just another human running errands and meeting deadlines, and not taking the time to enjoy the beauty, complexities and wonder of nature? Cairn is a company that claims to provide equipment and supplies for individuals who want to be intentional about spending time outdoors.

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    Cairn is a company that specializes in the supply of outdoor clothing and sporting goods for the public. The company, which curate niche undiscovered as well as well-established brands alike, provides outdoor enthusiasts with subscription boxes made of gear and equipment for its customers to use or give out as gifts. The brands which Cairn features include HydraPak, Stanley, Carson, Skratch Labs, SOL, Nokia and human gear, among others. We can’t claim they’ve got you covered for sure, so we suggest that you read the unsolicited customer reviews of Cairn here to ascertain if their products and services are worth considering giving a try.

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    Cairn offers monthly subscription and quarterly subscription boxes (called the obsidian premium collection) that feature products such as food/energy products, apparel, skincare, gear, hydra pack and Carson RD-826 binoculars. Other products offered by Cairn are footwear, packs, tents, mirror products, etc.

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