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    Every once in a while, you might be looking for some new clothes. Most clothing shops only sell mainstream clothes. So where can you go to if you are looking for something a bit more original? One of the companies that sells geeky, nerdy, sporty and even offensive t-shirts and other merchandise is 8Ball. But what can you expect from the quality of their clothes? How comfy and durable are these clothes? Will it take long for 8Ball to send the shirt or sweats to your home? And what kind of customer service does 8Ball provide when you have a problem, complaint or question for their customer service department? Read the reviews left by real customers of 8Ball to find out what kind of shop 8Ball really is. Their experiences and opinions can inform you on how things at 8Ball really work and what you can expect when you buy something from their website.

    About 8Ball

    8Ball is a clothing and merchandise shop. Their main products are shirts and sweats. Their shirts are based on all kinds of entertainment like movie t-shirts, fancy dress t-shirts, sport t-shirts, horror t-shirts, B-movie t-shirts, gaming t-shirts, tv t-shirts and comic book t-shirts. But they also sell various humorous shirts like funny t-shirts, slogan t-shirts, offensive t-shirts, geek t-shirts and political tshirts. Their music category consists of hardcore t-shirts, punk t-shirts, classic rock t-shirts, hip hop t-shirts, reggae t-shirts, metal t-shirts, indie t-shirts, ska t-shirts, alternative t-shirts etc. Besides t-shirts, they offer sweats in many categories like super hero sweats, graphic artist sweats, 8Ball hoods and some categories that were already mentioned. Their collections are also subdivided in popular franchises such as Monty Python, Simpsons, Bing Bang Theory, Pac Man, John Lennon, The Terminator, South Park, Pokemon, Pink Floyd, Marvel, Star Wars, Back to the Future, Top Gun, Mean Girls, The Clash, Game of Thrones, Defenders, Breaking Bad, Batman, Alice in Wonderland, DC Comics, Star Trek, Wayne’s World and various other collections. And they offer accessories like laptop sleeves, phone cases, bags, headwear and mugs.

    Some of 8Ball's movie t-shirts. What do you think of them?

    Services of 8Ball

    All of the shirts, sweats and accessories can be ordered online. 8Ball will send the item right to your home. They offer free standard delivery within Canada. This service brings your shirt or sweats to you within 3-5 working days. But they also provide Canada next day delivery, tracked priority delivery and international delivery. They also offer a customer service that you can call or mail to when you have a problem, complaint or question.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for 8Ball

    Do you already own one of more of the shirts or sweats from 8Ball? Then we would like to hear what you think about 8Ball. How long did it take for this shop to deliver the items to your home? How comfortable are their sweats really? Are their t-shirts durable? And what is your opinion on 8Ball’s customer service? Write a review and share your opinion with the rest of Canada so potential customers of 8Ball will have at least some idea of what to expect.

    How comfy are the shirts from 8Ball? Are their sweats durable? Read customer reviews about their clothes from various popular franshises.

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