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    The world is presently in the Knowledge Age, where what people know is constantly being used to generate new knowledge. It has moved from being an end in itself to a means to an end. What this implies is the world's newer dynamism in terms of expansion of knowledge and using it to improve the quality of life. Another thing: information is not only easily accessible. The speed with which it gets packaged, or encoded, and disseminated through numerous means has been unbelievable. As such, students, researchers, and the likes will have it a lot easy to get whatever information they need and at any time. The 20th century ushered in a period where library resources keep growing and becoming more easily accessible. Therefore, information is no longer a rare thing. One can write an entire book by simply relying on resources sought online without having to move an inch from the workstation in your home. And that is going to get a lot better in the nearest future. The implication of this for children and teenagers today is that they have no excuse for not being knowledgeable. There are numerous resources online and offline through which they can become more aware of the world, its history, and where it is likely headed in the nearest and distant future. WORLD BOOK makes a big claim of "setting the standard in publishing accurate, current, and reliable reference and learning materials for children and adults". But how true are their claims? Let's find out.

    About WORLD BOOK
    WORLD BOOK is a publishing company that focuses on promoting learning through products that explain complex topics through brevity and vivid illustration. One of its goals is to reach young readers and help them improve their comprehension and reading abilities. Its first publication, The WORLD BOOKEncyclopedia (in 8 volumes) was issued in 1917 while its 100th-anniversary commemorative publication (in 22 volumes) took the spotlight in 2017. Within this century-long frame, WORLD BOOKhas published a new edition of the encyclopedia annually. The encyclopedia covers important areas of knowledge but displays a preference for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics topics. The company produced a Braille edition of the encyclopedia in 1962 with 142 volumes and about 40, 000 pages, making it the first publisher to produce an encyclopedia in Braille. World Book's headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois. We suggest you read honest customer reviews of WORLD BOOK here to learn more about the company.

    Products and Services of WORLD BOOK
    The company's flagship product is the WORLD BOOK Encyclopedia which contains simplified descriptive texts on a wide range of A-Z topics and thousands of illustrative photographs. WORLD BOOK encyclopedia has also been developed for electronic access to Mac and Windows PCs. Other products include WORLD BOOK Reading Club, WORLD BOOK online, Dinosaurs, Enigmas of History, A Look At, WORLD BOOK WOW, WORLD BOOK Student, Early World of Learning, Building Blocks of Science, Endangered Animals, Anti-Bullying Basics, World Books ebooks, Building Blocks of Mathematics, Out of this World, Childcraft, World Book's Animals of the World, and WORLD BOOK Year Book. The company boasts of a robust digital platform with resources aimed at providing support for "personalized teaching and learning". This platform is segmented into ages 3-6, 6-10, 11-14, and 14 & above, ensuring that the learning process is tailored to specific age grades.

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