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    What type of seafood do you like? Are you a salmon person, or are you a sushi person? Do you like your seafood fresh, or are you okay with it being canned, and processed? Even though canned seafood and canned fish tend to last longer, and is a much better alternative for individuals that live far from the sea; a lot of people are in love with the taste of freshwater kind of seafood. They feel that a lot of nutrients and taste are lost during the processing, and there are also various types of seafood dishes that can only be enjoyed with some fresh fish. However, if you do not leave in a coastal area, or a fish farming community, you would have to make do with iced fishes or the canned variety. But, there has been a lot of development in the methods through which fishermen can preserve the taste of their fishes, and transport them without their catch losing any of that fresh taste. If you are someone that loves seafood and would love to get them fresh regardless of your location, then Vital Choice might be able to help you with that.

    About Vital Choice
    Founded by Randy Hartnell, Vital Choice is a seafood company with a mission to promote the health of their customers, by offering them naturally harvested seafood. This company began operation in 2001, and they think that “our food choices have a great impact on our lives”. As such, they advocate for food that would be of benefit to the body, without harming the planet in the process. Vital Choice declares that they only partner with fisheries that meet their criteria for sustainability, and quality. To ensure the safety of their customers, Vital Choice avows that 3rd party testing is conducted on any new seafood that they add to their roster. For honest customer reviews of Vital Choice, please do read on.

    Products and Services of Vital Choice
    Vital Choice believes that “the best fish are those that are caught in the wild, not those that are farmed”. Thus, they aver that their wild-caught fish is nutritionally superior to the farmed variety and free from pesticides, and GMO from fish feeds. Most of the products that are offered on Vital Choice are stated to be gluten-free, containing little, or no salt, and are also kosher certified. Customers that want to patronise Vital Choice can visit their website to sign up for a subscription. After which, they can have their orders shipped out to them each month in an insulated box that is packed full of dry ice. The subscription offers a wide variety of fish (which are of the perishable, and non-perishable variety) such as tuna, salmon, prawn, shrimp, scallops, and other seafood; which are packed in sizes enough to support more than 10 servings. Vital Choice offers free shipping on orders that are over $99. A 30-day return period is offered for most of the products on Vital Choice.

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