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    Getting rid of those few extra pounds is not as easy as it may seem at first. It’s understandable if you need a little help with the weight loss process. But what kind of products can you use? And which shop sells them? One of the companies that offers special equipment that you can use during your workout is SIXPAD. What kind of shop is this? Will their fitness device really help you to lose weight? How long will it take this shop to deliver the items to your home? And what kind of customer service can you expect if the fitness equipment does not work the way you thought it would? Before ordering at SIXPAD, fits read reviews written by people that have already shopped at SIXPAD before. Their experiences and opinions provide some information that you can use to decide if SIXPAD might provide some useful fitness solutions for you.

    About SIXPAD

    SIXPAD is a supplier of fitness tools. The company is part of TRANSCROMOS Group. At SIXPAD, they offer three different kinds of fitness equipment to help you in your diet process and weight loss process. These devices can help you train your abs and body while relaxing, cooking or other everyday chores. Their first products is called Abs Fit. Abs Fit is a product that focuses on training your abdominal muscles. The product is made from silicone, a material that is incredibly flexible. This flexibility will make sure you will hardly feel that you are wearing anything at all. The Abs Fit had 6 wings. Each of these wings are fitted with electrodes. These electrodes target the abdominal muscles directly. SIXPAD’s Body Fit has almost the same structure as their Abs Fit divide. The difference is that the Body Fit has only two wings. Because of their smallness and flexibility, you can use the Body Fit on your waist, arms or legs. SIXPAD also offers gel sheets that are specifically developed for SIXPAD. They are non-sticky, highly adhesive and high-conductive.

    SIXPAD shows how their Abs Fit and Body Fit works.

    Services of SIXPAD

    All of the products sold by SIXPAD can be ordered via their website. Just create your own, personal account, select the product that you want and complete your payment. Once your payment is complete, SIXPAD will send the item directly to your home. If you want to stay posted on their news and special offers, you can sign up for their online newsletter. If any question, problem or complaint comes up, you can give their customer service a call or send them an email or message. And SIXPAD is also present on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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    Do you already use SIXPAD’s Abs Fit or Body Fit? If so, we would like to know what your opinion on this company and their products is. Are their devices really that useful? Do your abs and muscles really benefit from SIXPAD’s devices? And what is your opinion on SIXPAD’s delivery service and customer service? Write a review and let everyone know what you think about SIXPAD.

    Will the devices from SIXPAD really help you in your trainig process? Read customer reviews, experiences, opinions & ratings about Abs Fit & Body Fit

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