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    Nutrition and exercise are two key ingredients in maintaining a healthy lifestyle especially when it is done continuously over a long time period. The benefits associated with exercise in the mental, physical and systemic health of an individual cannot be overexpressed. American Mission is a fitness company that asserts its passion is fitness, nutrition and helping people find the best version of themselves.

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    American Mission is a family-owned company that asserts its passion is fitness, nutrition and helping others find the best versions of themselves. That after meeting as teenagers, the founders discovered they both shared a love for fitness. This has grown throughout the years, and now the husband is a certified Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Instructor and Nutrition and Wellness Specialist. While the wife, Kyla is a certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Sports Nutritionist. That together they help individuals from all degrees to reach their goals through customized diets and exercise programs. The husband has held a fourth-degree black belt and has taught martial arts since the age of 18. Kyla is a 2nd-degree black belt. While the husband trains local law enforcement officers with hand to hand combat, Kyla has developed a Functional Fitness class for the local Fire Department. Reading honest customer reviews of American Mission here is one such way to learn more about the company.

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    An exercise program without a nutritional plan will not yield optimal results. A nutritional plan without an exercise program, will also not yield optimal results. They go hand in hand. People need both to achieve their fitness goals whatever they may be. Whether that's losing a few extra pounds, gaining some muscle, or a complete body transformation, finally, there is a complete fitness solution that provides clients with the structure that they require. The Patriot program is designed to offer members a balance between the appropriate diets they need and the right exercises to supplement to enable them to achieve their objective. At American Mission, they recognized that many plants and herbs hold specific properties that when harnessed properly provide unique health benefits. Their property formulas are maintained to include ingredients that have been shown through research to improve athletic performance and enhance recovery. The American Mission pre-workout delivers the energy, strength, and stamina to push through any obstacles whether on the field or in the gym. It is an ergogenic powerhouse used to support muscle and drive mental performance to the max and American Mission Post-workout is claimed to have been specifically formulated to help speed up the recovery process even from the most demanding and intense training sessions.

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