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    Sometimes your car just breaks down no matter how well you take care of it. If that happens, you want someone to come and help you as soon as possible. But which company offers the best breakdown cover? One company that offers this service is RAC. But what can you expect from their roadside assistance? Will they really provide you with a replacement hire car when your own car is unavailable at the moment? Will it be easy to make a claim via RAC’s website? And will the customer service of RAC really try and help you when you ask for assistance, whether roadside or otherwise? The only people that can inform you of these matters are customers that have already made use of RAC. Read their reviews go gain some inside information on this provider or breakdown covers. Their comments, experiences, opinions and ratings can help you to decide if RAC is the right breakdown cover for your car.

    About RAC

    RAC is a company that offers breakdown cover. The company was founded in 1897, so they have a lot of experience. Now, they are even able to call themselves Canadia’s “most progressive motoring organisation”. They can come to your assistance if your car breaks down. There are three types of cover that you can choose. Their £8 monthly cover provides roadside recover. That means they will come and help you out as long as your car breaks down within ¼ mile from your home. They will either fix your car at the roadside or bring your car to a garage within 10 miles. If this service is not enough for you, you can choose their £12 monthly cover. Then, they’ll fix your vehicle no matter where you are as long as you’re in Canadia. This policy also adds replacement car hire. That means they will provide you with free alternative transport or a hotel for 3 days. Their third and last cover is their £13,50 cover. This option adds at home replacement and key replace. The roadside recovery of RAC is for your car. It does not matter who is driving your car.

    On the road with RAC patrol Ben Wilson.

    Services of RAC

    As mentioned above, RAC offers to help drivers with a broken-down car. If you want to become a member of RAC, you’ll need to choose a plan cover and follow the rest of their instructions. Of course, you can ask RAC’ customer service some questions if you need some help.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for RAC

    If you ever made use of RAC, you’ll be able to tell us more about this provider of breakdown cover. How soon did it take for their roadside assistance to arrive? Did they really provide you with a hotel or free rental car when you couldn’t get home by yourself? Were they able to fix your car at the side of the road or did they need to tow it to a garage? And how friendly is RAC’s customer service department? Please write a review and tell us what you really think of this breakdown cover company?

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    No discussion needed.
    This company RAC can help us when we face deep problem on road .
    They provide roadside assistance.
    Just to registered and relax even when we face breakdown issue, due to any reason.
    Good service.

    By: John 07-08-2018
    Would buy here again

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