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    Would you like to know the history of your vehicle? If you’re thinking about buying a second-hand care, it might be wise to check what is known about this car and its (former) issues. That way, you will have a better idea of what you’re getting into. But what kind of company offers such a vehicle check service? One company that does that is Instant Car Check. But how thorough will their checks be? Will they be able to tell you everything? How honest are they? And what kind of customer service will they provide if they missed a pretty big issue? These questions are all questions that can only be answered by customers that have already asked a vehicle check from Instant Car Check. Read their reviews to understand what kind of vehicle checks they really offer. Their comments, experiences, ratings and opinions can help you to decide if Instant Car Check’s services might be useful or not.

    About Instant Car Check

    Instant Car Check is a company that offers vehicle checks. That means you can check the history of a used, second-hand car, truck motorcycle or other vehicles. They will be able to tell you what the state of your car is, precisely. Via a car registration check from Instant Car Check, you will know if your car had been written off in the past. Even if the car has not been written off but has been involved in a serious car accident, you will know about it. After all, according to Instant Car Check’s website, 1 out of 4 cars gets its licence plate replaced, an action that conceals the history of that car. And you don’t want to buy a car that has been written off by an insurance company several years before. Instant Car Check’s car registration check will also be able to tell you if the vehicle is stolen. Instant Car Check has partnered with HPI, a vehicle history expert. They also offer mileage records that tell you how many miles your car has already made.

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    Services of Instant Car Check

    You can easily get a car registration check via their website. Just enter the number of the car’s licence plate and follow the rest of their instructions. After the payment is complete, they will provide you with a print-friendly report that shows you the history of your car. Instant Car Check also has a customer service that can help you out if you need any advice or assistance.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Instant Car Check

    Have you ever checked a car’s history via a car registration check from Instant Car Check? Maybe you felt more secure about buying your used car. Or maybe your vehicle turned out to be stolen even though Instant Car Check promised you the car checked out. Maybe the report told you the car was indeed stolen and you’re happy you found that out before you bought the vehicle. In any case, we would be grateful for any review in which you tell us about your experience with this vehicle registration check provider.

    Can you trust a vehicle registration check from Instant Car Check? Read customer reviews about their mileage checks, car registration checks and more.

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